Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Will Today

Wills can be uncomfortable to talk about, but the reality is that we all need one, and there are no exceptions. There are some reasons however that make it even more important for some to write one sooner rather than later. This doesn’t necessarily mean some people should write them now because they are more likely to pass away tomorrow, but that they might have more things that need protecting after they have gone. I will list the top five reasons why you should write your will today.

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  1. You have young children. If something did happen to you, your children would be placed in the care of the people you name as their legal guardians in your will. As you can imagine, this is extremely important to protect your children, and to prevent them from having to be placed under the care of the social services or someone you wouldn’t necessarily trust.
  2. If you have a stepfamily or are not married. It is important that if you want your stepchildren or unmarried partner to receive some of your inheritance or for any properties you may have to go into their name.

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  1. If you want your property to stay in the family after you are gone, it is important that you name who will inherit it in your will, especially if you don’t have any direct heirs.
  2. Writing a will can help avoid family disputes caused by disagreements over inheritance that can tear the family apart.
  3. To provide for your children financially when you’re gone. You may want to set up a fund that will ensure this.

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