10 Cities To Visit In Winter

Reykjavi Iceland

Who said that with the arrival of the cold cannot travel anymore?  When you look at these 10 cities to visit in winter, your desire to pack up and get to know them in the heaviest of the coldest season will not be a problem for you.

 New York, United States1. New York, United States

We have seen so many Christmas films set in the American metropolis of New York that has become one of the cities to visit in winter more demanded of the world.

Tour places like Snowy Central Park and stroll through any of its wide avenues as if you were the protagonist of a movie has as much charm as you think , so do not miss the opportunity.

Prague, Czech Republic2. Prague, Czech Republic

One of the most beautiful winter visiting cities on the planet is Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. In fact, this population is beautiful throughout the year. But after the snowfall, the cobblestones of its winding streets and the magnificence of its old town seem to reemerge with special singularity. Without a doubt, a destination that is pure romanticism.

Tallinn, Estonia3. Tallinn, Estonia

If you want to know a place of fairytale, with castles, towers, fairies and elves, Tallinn is one of the cities to visit in winter. The capital of the Baltic Republic of Estonia is a town with a medieval air that time seems not to have passed and to know it in the cold of a snowfall is truly wonderful. It is no coincidence that it was declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Salzburg, Austria4. Salzburg, Austria

Another of the cities to visit in winter is the home of the genius of music, Mozart. Salzburg is one of the most beautiful towns in Austria. The beauties of its ancient streets, which harmonious music notes, make this place an idyllic paradise under the cold winter.Toronto, Canada

5. Toronto, Canada

We leave now to the far and cold Canada to meet another of the cities to visit in winter, Toronto. Under its CN tower of more than half a kilometer of height you can walk for a modern population, in contrast to the snow and the passion for the ice sports in a really impressive place.

Tromso, Norway6. Tromso, Norway

The Nordic countries host some of the most beautiful destinations during the cold seasons. Among the cities to visit in winter highlights the beautiful Tromso in Norway. A place, known as the Arctic capital, from where you can see the most beautiful and impressive aurora borealis on the planet.

Turin, Italy7. Turin, Italy

We left now in our search of the cities to visit in winter until Turin, in the north of Italy. You may think of the trans-alpine country as a summer destination for its beach towns and islands, but there is much more to enjoy in its ancient lands.

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Just below the foothills of the Alps we find the cold and beautiful Turin, with an incredible history and charm that seem to speak to the visitor in each of the streets and corners of this winter paradise.

Nagano Japan8. Nagano, Japan

We now go to exotic Japan to visit one of the most spectacular winter cities in the world, Nagano, which even hosted an Olympic Games.

Nagano unites the balanced beauty and zen of the Japanese with springs of thermal waters of incredible properties and all the winter beauty of the buddhism. That is, a true paradise under the snow.

Chamonix France9. Chamonix, France

We now travel to one of the cities to visit in winter that are most worthy of France. We refer to Chamonix, at the foot of the impressive Mont Blanc, under a modern and diverse location, combining classicism with avant-garde with all elegance.

Reykjavi Iceland10. Reykjavik, Iceland

We close our trip through the cities to visit in winter in the capital of frozen Iceland. We refer to Reykjavik, a place full of hot springs, where you will live in a perpetual darkness, but well lit thanks to the kindness of its people and its Festival of Light, which is of stunning beauty.