How to get a holiday home on a budget

Having your own holiday home based on your favourite location, aesthetic and lifestyle is the dream for many holiday-goers. Despite a lot of people choosing to travel around the world exploring new places, it is becoming more economical and desirable to either have a holiday home. Whether that is a static home in the UK or a villa abroad, working around a budget requires careful planning.

Firstly, it is likely that you have the type of location in mind. When researching for affordable locations online, it can be helpful to search for less touristy destinations. Even if a home is not directly in a busy area, a lot of smaller towns will be a short drive to the hustle and bustle you may crave.

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The time of purchasing is very important. Holiday seasons drastically change the prices of properties. For example the peak of summer may show a rise because there is more appeal for them in the British weather. During winter months, negotiation may be easier, and the off-peak season may give you more opportunities for larger properties.

When you eventually do put in an offer for a house, it must not be rushed. A property may be slightly over budget, therefore don’t be afraid to negotiate on price. You will need to provide quick communication with the seller so that someone else doesn’t get it before. But if you do get beaten to it, there will be others out there that may even suit you better.

Consider practicality as well as other more aesthetic features. A house may look stunning and in your dream location, however, if it does not fit you and your family’s practical needs then you will not get to fully enjoy your time there.

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If you are wondering how to afford a holiday house, you could also consider buying a property with other family or friends. Pooling resources and splitting costs can be the perfect affordable option and means you will split the maintenance work too.

Holiday homes don’t have to be houses either!  Alternatives such as houseboats, cabins or static caravans can provide more budget-friendly options. Park Homes Gloucestershire are a great example of a company that sells static homes.

Choosing to go for a static home also gives the flexibility to move to other locations. Although many holiday-goers like to keep them in one place, this option is a definite benefit.