How to choose the perfect wedding dress “fish”?

How to choose the perfect wedding dress "fish"?

The wedding dress “fish”, also known as the “little mermaid”, is one of the most complex silhouettes, which is not suitable for all brides! A risky fit style, slightly widening to the bottom or with voluminous pleats from the knee line, will face the exceptionally tall girls with a thin waistline.

Even if you can boast of an ideal figure, choosing a bride’s “fish”, it’s worth knowing about some secrets!

  1. The insidiousness of the cut of the mermaid’s wedding dress is that, besides the merits of the figure, it just as vividly highlights all the shortcomings: short height, small breasts, too lush hands, not a flat belly. If, nevertheless, this outfit is the dream of your life, try to try on various variations of it – a fitted, more direct silhouette, with or without a train, with a corset or buttons, and so on.
  2. A wedding dress “fish” with a luxurious train and an open shoulder line are certainly present in all wedding collections. Nevertheless, this silhouette is suitable only for tall and slender girls. It should ideally fit the waist and hips and fit perfectly in size. Trying on a dress, be sure to evaluate yourself in the mirror from all sides. Even if the dress is slightly hanging on the back, imperfectly on the bust or a very small but noticeable tummy is visible, all the flaws will be evident in motion.

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  1. If you are sure of the flawlessness of your figure, choose models from dense fabrics tightly fitting you. Otherwise, the best choice is delicate lace dresses or silk outfits.
  2. If you plan to emphasize an already elegant waistline and hips, pay attention to a wedding dress with pleats in the style of “flamenco” or air flounces from the knees. To demonstrate in all its glory long and slender legs, try on a dress “fish” with a tight bottom and a minimally lush skirt. And to hide the wide line of thighs, categorically avoid the skirts of the year!
  3. Remember that with the help of a wedding dress “fish” it is important to create a feminine and slender silhouette. For this, always emphasize the breast with a smooth and seamless bra with a push-up effect, and the dress itself is supplemented with a slightly inflated belt – the accessory visually lengthens the silhouette.
  4. Choosing a wedding dress “mermaid”, consider that it is not too convenient for dynamic movements and is not always comfortable in it even to sit! Be sure to make sure on the fitting that the outfit is not too narrow and does not fetter your gait, because you are unlikely to stand the whole wedding day.
  5. It is also important to properly complement the bride’s “fish” dress with a veil. A win-win option is a long but unhappy translucent veil in tone along with an abundance of decor.

When buying a wedding dress “fish” you should be absolutely sure and in your figure, and in how you see your wedding image. Also, such a dress can visually make you somewhat older or too strict. Therefore, choose only the outfit that will reflect your style!How to choose the perfect wedding dress "fish"? How to choose the perfect wedding dress "fish"?

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How to choose the perfect wedding dress "fish"? How to choose the perfect wedding dress "fish"?