My Dress For Dominique’s Wedding

My Dress For Dominiques Wedding

I have it since March but I was looking for a special date to tell you about the dress for my best friend’s wedding … And it’s only two months left for Dominique to get married. She’s going to have M _ RI _ O (I’m not ready to write it)!!! . And I, an almost wedge … (I say almost because Dominique and I are almost like sisters) Yes, yes, two months!!! , there is nothing left!

And the truth is that we decided to go look at it with time and with little hope, because I did not think to finish the day of shopping with a dress under the arm … You do not imagine the laps we gave…My Dress For Dominiques Wedding

But it arrived!!! I had heard hundreds of times say “it’s the dress that chooses you” … And it’s true! I had liked others, I had some idea in the head but it was only the one with which I felt special … Special, different, vaporous, divine, as if she were the most wonderful girl in the world … I floated like bubble happy in the testers of BCBG Max Azria of Velázquez Street in Madrid.

My Dress For Dominiques WeddingAnd the fact is that it was the destination because the day before Dominique had sent me these photos: Kate Bosworth in a dress of Chloé and the original on the catwalk! And I had looked cute but it was not what I was looking for! And there you have me, enchanted with my BCBG Max Azria inspiration Chloé !

My Dress For Dominiques WeddingWedding Dress BCBG

The neckline, the ruffles, the belt marking waist, the rhinestones, the chest draped … And to be honest, I like mine much more … Color is a must of the season and I think the combination of powdered rose and chocolate is a lot More romantic and original than beige and black. By the way, forgive me the stockings, it was that day I took them and did not cross my mind to take away, what laziness!

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Although his hair was loose, the halter neckline shouts a pickup. I’m not very fond of the great works of barbershops, to me what I like is the simplicity, so I thought me a dancer type bun and put a ribbon on the pink hair I bought for the occasion in Hazel (shop the one we have to talk about).

My Dress For Dominiques WeddingZara wedding shoes

And these are the shoes!!! After a few laps looking for a peep toe of satin in chocolate, I gave up and found in Zara this preciousness. I love them and although I do not like teaching the feet very much, they feel very good and they are ideal. 50 euros to those that I think to take profitability on the summer nights with a pair of jeans and a blouse!

As you know the wallet and the earrings and I have them, what happens is that I am not convinced take a look and give me some idea of what you have seen there!!! The gem of the dress is silver but the wallet does not fit me…