Olivia Palermo Gets Married !

Well yes we already have the first wedding announcement of 2017, and it is nothing more and nothing less than that of Olivia Palermo the ‘it girl’ par excellence. At the moment, and obviously we do not know any details, but what we know for sure is that go as it goes will ideal, because she is cute, has style, money and because she knows that millions of goals will be pending of her choice.

Olivia Palermo Gets MarriedFor those of you who have not seen the announcement of the link, here I leave you, it has been through the Instagram of her boyfriend Johannes Huebl taught this video in which a beautiful Olivia is seen next to his rock that never stop focusing, the truth is that it has been very original communication to the world of your future wedding, do not you think?

It is worth once the news rose, now it is time to imagine how the beautiful Olivia Palermo will go of bride, hopefully not make the same trick that Blake lively and deprive us of seeing his wonderful outfit. Who do you think will be the designer you choose for your dress? The bets are open!!

We’ve seen her dressed up by all the designers: Valentino, Dior, Marchesa, Vera Wang … and surely she will choose one of her favorites, although for now we will have to imagine her. We will keep on reporting!

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