Style Of The Groom And His Friends

Style Of The Groom And His Friends

Here is a real treasure: a detailed and clear guide for the groom and his friends, which will help to dress fashionably for the wedding this year. No water and mothball councils, whose place in the 90s is just what is important to know when choosing the modern style of the groom.

Each season in the men’s fashion is rethought the silhouette, texture, color, and details of the image. Although it is more conservative and less susceptible to trends than women, it does not mean that in 2019 you can look like in 2009. When choosing a style of clothing for the groom or thinking out a dress for a friend’s wedding, pay attention to fashion trends and make sure that your image matches the setting.

In a country hotel

Choose the style of Casual. The first direction of this style, Smart Casual, uses suits, but the jacket and pants should no longer be made from the same fabric, so the man looks like a dandy. Everything is limited only by your imagination: colored jackets and shirts, a tie or lack thereof, loafers or boots. The image is appropriate for more modern weddings, for example, by the pool.

Style Of The Groom And His Friends

If you prefer a more relaxed style of the groom, pay attention to the direction of Simple Casual. Remove the rigor and rigidity of the suit; add softness, naturalness, and comfort: cotton chinos with a shirt or linen suit, shoes of natural shades, a boutonniere of wildflowers. Jackets are no longer an integral attribute, so you can replace them with a vest, suspenders or just leave the shirt. And as a festive fashionable option for the groom’s friends – colored socks. Feel free to choose it if you plan to have a wedding in nature.

In the city restaurant

The wedding, which takes place in the city, is democratic to the style of the groom and his friends. In this case, the most winning option will be Sport Casual. Pay attention to the color scheme – the image should look smart, but not every day. A super fashionable combination: a suit with a fitted jacket and narrow cropped trousers + sneakers or gym shoes. The shirt does not require a tie and can be replaced by a polo.

By the sea

For a wedding on the shores of the azure sea suit suits style   Casual Chic. Choose light shades, natural fabrics, and textures (cotton, linen), a suit or a shirt. Negligence and relaxation are welcome: roll up your shirt sleeves, choose thin flax or gauze instead of cotton. Take a closer look at the Sir Sacker fabric jacket. Insert a flower into the buttonhole, and leave the tie at home, it will not be useful to you.

Style Of The Groom And His Friends

On a yacht

Continuing the maritime theme, we note separately the wedding on the yacht, usually it is more or less official. For the style of the groom, choose at will:

  • light blazer and blue pants with red details
  • a slim blue suit made of fine wool with silk or linen
  • Contrast dark jacket with light blue or white pants
  • trousers and shirt with red suspenders (less solemn version)

Shoes depending on the chosen image: pick up shoes or loafers for a jacket, and suede moccasins or sleepers for a more relaxed version. The main thing in the marine theme is the observance of marine colors: blue, white, red, as well as gold or silver metal.

Style Of The Groom And His Friends

Style of the groom and his friends – the rules of combination

  1. The costumes of the groom and friends should be in the same style, but not the same. If the groom chooses a three-piece suit, then friends will perfectly set off his image invests, shirts and trousers without a jacket.
  2. The outfit of a friend should not be more formal than the groom’s suit.
  3. If the color of the details of the costume is in harmony with the color of the decor at the wedding – the image looks particularly advantageous.
  4. Do not put on a wedding everyday business suit.
  5. If the dress code of the wedding involves a tuxedo and the groom in a traditional black tuxedo, the groom’s friends should pay attention to the colored models of the velvet jacket or wear a color sash/waistcoat with a tuxedo and choose a bright bow tie.
  6. At the themed wedding is always indicated the recommended version of clothing, stick to it.
  7. If you like retro style and will be a guest, ask the newlyweds in advance whether the image will be appropriate at the wedding.
  8. If the invitation does not specify a dress code, it is appropriate to ask the newlyweds an acceptable style and clothing option or ask what the groom will be and, based on this, make your image.
  9. The venue of the celebration will help determine the style of clothing for the groom’s friend. The more democratic it is, the bolder the image should be.