The Wedding Of The Year? Jaime Polanco And Fiona Ferrer

The Wedding Of The Year Jaime Polanco And Fiona Ferrer

There are weddings and weddings, and of course the Jaime Polanco , nephew of the founder of Prisa, and Fiona Ferrer , director of Elite Model Look Spain , are those that will go down in history. Surely many will be asking: how can be the wedding of the year if until two minutes ago did not know who they were it is a phenomenon that occurs when a wedding goes out in Hello, not by the bride and groom, but by the huge list of VIP guests that come to her.

The Wedding Of The Year Jaime Polanco And Fiona FerrerThe exclusive offers a report almost as extensive as the wedding of the Principes, with a myriad of images that show from the thousand and one parties held before the wedding, to the “discreet” event. And come and change your dress!

Just by looking at the cover you begin to discover inexplicable things: why do not the boyfriends pose together? Are you newlyweds and with the Preysler and Genoveva Casanova of hooks (never better, they look like wax dolls)? Why if the boyfriend is dressed he is disguised as a two-seat restaurant waiter? Did the hairdresser of the bride get lost on the island? What is that red cauliflower that carries the bride on the shoulder? I recommend you do not miss the magazine!

The Wedding Of The Year Jaime Polanco And Fiona FerrerAs the report progresses, we can see that this is a wedding with guests, some eclectic: aspiring models who stay in “brides of”, bullfighters accompanied by their boring women vase, television presenters with more botox than Nicole Kidman, the mother’s boy announcing his slippers … and a long list of names among which I was surprised by the presence of Elena Tablada as the bridesmaid of the bride, what will these two be known? Or the absolute protagonism that has Genoveva Casanova, who leaves almost more than the bride herself, in full marketing campaign to promote his relationship with Luis Miguel.

 But leaving aside that more than a wedding looks like the opening of a jewelry store, let’s talk about the bride. The dress in question, designed by Rosa Clará , is a mixture of two designs from the 2010 collection . The neckline, yes below the floripondio there is a strap, of the model River and the skirt of flowers of one of the dresses that paraded in Gaudí Novias. Although it is not an “easy” dress, I find it original and even pretty; maybe the skirt a bit baroque, but the flaw is complements. Between the scarlet rosette and the gossip, there is nowhere to take it.

The Wedding Of The Year Jaime Polanco And Fiona FerrerI was happy to read that the earrings worn by the bride are designed by Paloma Cuevas, tonight I will sleep more quiet knowing that this woman does something in life. Although it is necessary to have the courage to put something designed by this lady … and talking about things without meaning, the arras was silvia Casas, wife of the triumph Manu Tenorio . So much family and there was nobody who could lend them some?? Or was it to put another name of famosillo in the text of the report?

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About hair, I like simple hairstyles for any bride, but if you wear a first communion girl haircut, please do not leave your hair loose! And what was he thinking of putting on that flower? Did you want to imitate Carrie? What a shame no one would tell you that Carrie only has one…