Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

One of the main trends in wedding fashion of the last decade is the organization of exotic original weddings on the coasts of sunny islands. In this marriage really lies a special charm, you just have to close your eyes and imagine the golden shore, the coastal aquamarine waters, the sun setting over the horizon and the snow-white arch, under which the smart groom and the bride stand.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

The benefits of a wedding in the Maldives

The wedding ceremony in the Maldives has long been the dream of millions of newlyweds living in all corners of the globe. And this is not just a fashionable trend, but a quite conscious choice, since the wedding played here has a lot of advantages. In this list of benefits include:

  • The magnificent paradise landscapes washed by the azure ocean and the lush green of the tropical forest with the intoxicating scent of luxurious flowers, fruits melting in your mouth, and the amazing underwater world will be the perfect backdrop for marriage.
  • Romantic mood, which has nature itself and the hospitable smiles of local residents.
  • First class service. Tourism is the main source of income for the Maldives, so the tourist infrastructure here is developed just fine. Here they know a lot about the first-class service, so young couples will not experience any discomfort, regardless of whether they rented a separate bungalow or a room in a resort hotel.
  • Opportunity to shift efforts to a wedding agency. The Maldives specializes in weddings, so there are plenty of such agencies here, and each is ready to take on all the pre-wedding efforts of a young couple.
  • Great food. The restaurants serve local and European dishes, the freshest fruit desserts and seafood, so it’s easy to come up with an original wedding menu.
  • No extra guests. Even the most distant relatives from Magadan, Vologda, and Voronezh are usually invited to the wedding, which the couple could never see in their lifetimes. For obvious reasons, only a few of the closest people will be present in the Maldives: witnesses, parents, a couple of friends on both sides. If you wish, you cannot take anyone with you at all and arrange for yourself a real celebration of love.
  • Democratic pricing framework. A wedding in the Maldives will cost approximately the same amount as a celebration in your home country, especially considering that you can spend a honeymoon on the islands by combining both events.

Of course, this is not all the advantages of the Maldives, chosen as the venue for the wedding ceremony. The list of additional benefits should include:

  • Great climate.
  • The widest choice of places for marriage.
  • Minimum time difference. This is very important since changing time zones requires at least one or two days to adapt.
  • 9-hour direct flight from Sheremetyevo direct. Also, it should be noted the simplicity of registration of travel documents. The visa can be obtained for 30 days already at the airport, just before boarding the flight.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

How to organize a wedding in the Maldives

Wedding in the Maldives is organized very simply: you only need to contact the tour operator specializing in wedding tours. Usually, at their disposal, there are several standard packages, varying in a fairly wide price range, among which you can choose any suitable tour. As a rule, the list of standard services includes:

  • Air flight.
  • Booked room in a good hotel.
  • Symbolic marriage.
  • SPA treatments.
  • Meals (usually including breakfast and lunch).

In addition, there is an option in which the newlyweds go to the Maldives as ordinary tourists, and already on the spot ordered a symbolic wedding.

Official marriage

Unfortunately, the official sign on the Maldives will not work, since the laws of this state prohibit the marriage of foreigners. Therefore, newlyweds are advised to first formalize their relationship at home, and then as a husband and wife go to the Maldives to celebrate this solemn event in a romantic or extreme style.

Symbolic wedding

A symbolic ceremony can be held in the official Maldives Divehi language or in English, with or without an event bureau coordinator. Of course, it is better to pay extra for the services of the desired specialist, so that everything goes smoothly from an organizational point of view.

The certificate that the event took place will be a certificate prepared by the designer in the corresponding wedding theme.

Where to hold a wedding ceremony

Organize an exit painting in the Maldives can be in the following places:

  • On the coast of the island where the hotel is located.
  • On the uninhabited coast.
  • On board a small cruise yacht.
  • In the jungle.
  • On-site.
  • At the bottom of the ocean.

Therefore, we consider several of the most popular options in detail.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

In the hotel

The main advantage of organizing an event on site is the assistance of the administration, which provides young couples with all the necessary services and amenities: massage and spa treatments, stylist and hairdresser’s help, table setting, decorating the venue of the ceremony.

You can wear traditional costumes or classic beach wedding outfits: loose trousers with a shirt and a translucent dress made of weightless, flowing in the wind fabric.

The scenario of such a wedding suggests that the bridegroom is waiting for the bride under the arch, and 10 minutes later she appears, delicate and airy, clutching a bouquet of pale pink orchids in her hands. After a walk and a light buffet, the young family leaves their guests to retire in a room that the administration has already prepared for their arrival, having covered the bed with the petals of red roses and put a bucket of champagne at the head of the hotel as a gift from the hotel.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

On a yacht

This is an excellent option to enjoy a walk on the water surface and each other. An additional advantage of such a scenario will be a photo session in a maritime theme and bright dresses of the newlyweds, decorated with accessories made from anchors or stripes of a sailor’s vest.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives


For newlyweds who are not afraid to destroy stereotypes and canons, the exchange of rings underwater is a great idea. Of course, in order to descend underwater, you need to have certain skills and have an authorization certificate, but what you cannot do for the sake of such a creative celebration and gorgeous photos that will remind you of what feats you were ready to make for your love.

Dresses for such a wedding should be double: the traditional beach option for a ceremony on the beach or on a yacht and bathing suits and masks for going under water. By the way, if the bride wears a veil, the ceremony will be even more spectacular. You can find such an accessory in boutiques with souvenirs because diving weddings are no longer a rarity in the Maldives.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

On a desert island

Romance and tranquility without boundaries – these are synonymous with a wedding on a desert island. You, the host of the wedding ceremony, may have a couple of witnesses – those people who will accompany you on a trip to a tropical paradise. So why not try to organize a wedding in the style of “Blue Lagoon”, especially since you can stay here for the night, agreeing on a time when you will need to pick up.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives


In a glass hotel underwater

The latest trend of wedding fashion is the organization of weddings in a glass underwater hotel, which are being opened everywhere around the paradise islands and coral reefs. Naturally, the main trump card of such a wedding will be the surrounding landscape – floating flocks of fish, swinging algae, the bottomless blue of the ocean.

However, this option is available only to very wealthy newlyweds, who are also willing to wait until six months, because the reservation should be at least 6-9 months before the wedding date.

Wedding Ceremony In The Maldives

How much is the marriage ceremony

A trip to the Maldives is an expensive pleasure, and if we are talking about wedding events, the cost of the tour is automatically increased. The total price depends on:

  • Places where the ceremony will take place.
  • Status of the hotel.
  • Reputations of the agency offering their services.
  • A package of standard and exclusive services provided by the hotel.

For example, the Hilton Hotel offers newlyweds the opportunity to exchange rings in a seaplane, at an altitude of several hundred meters above sea level, and then board the huge yacht. And in the hotel “Kanuhura Beach” organize weddings in the national style, so the newlyweds, dressed in colorful costumes, exchange oaths to the beat of drums in the shade of the vane of palm branches.

The cost of hotel offers varies from $ 700 to $ 2700 so that everyone can choose a ceremony according to their financial capabilities.