Wedding Decorations: From The House To The Location

Wedding Decorations: From The House To The Location

The atmosphere that you breathe in the wedding ceremony is determined in large part also by Wedding decorations. Each wedding has its own story to tell and then the style you choose will tell a lot about your personality. And what can you do to better communicate your deepest soul?

The answer is of extreme simplicity if we think about how they have been used over time to express their emotions:  flowers. And above all because, whether you like it or not, the Wedding decoration of the wedding represents, statistically, a nonnegligible part of the entire expenditure, generally around 10 percent of the entire budget.

The choice of Wedding decorations is concentrated in three main phases, distinct from each other: the Church, the car, and the location. Then there are two other “sacred” places that must be set up with the same wealth: the bride’s house and the groom’s house.

Wedding decorations for the church and for the wedding banquet

The Wedding decoration for the church will have to give brightness and vivacity to an environment that normally sings the glimpses of light according to specific religious characteristics.

There should not be a race to fill, but rather a precise scheme to adorn at best and with sobriety a place that must, in any case, maintain its sacredness.Wedding Decorations: From The House To The Location In particular, your attention should focus on the altar, on the space around the altar, on the balustrade that separates the altar from the nave, on the counters, and on the entrance door.

Separate speech for the churchyard that will have to contemplate, in addition to the entrance route, also the moment of the exit with the launch of flower petals accompanied by the traditional launch of the auspicious rice.

Double decorations for the car

The simplicity is a must for the car’s set-up of the couple.

The decorations must be positioned on the floor, between the backrest and the rear window. It must be a refinement, not an excess: then ban the exaggerations and favor the classy decorations, always following the style chosen for the entire ceremony.

Of course, the decorative ribbons on all car finishes must not be missing. Without exceeding but with elegant reference to the dominant theme of the ceremony.

Wedding decorations for the couple’s house

Then there is a place that is not always taken into consideration with the right value, but which represents a key point that will remain immortalized in all the photo books of the event.Yes, because all the photographic collections of the wedding start exactly from there: the bride’s house and the groom’s house.

The Wedding decorations also in this case must reflect the taste of those who marry, but must in any case be consistent with the entire “system” of decorations chosen for the event, whether it is privileged the classic arrangement scheme, either it points to more original ideas and even if you prefer to resort to do-it-yourself solutions.Of course, among the elements not to be overlooked, there must be the entrance door/gate, possibly the stairs (internal or external), the bedroom, the center-table where the post will be set up for the benevolent confetti.

In each of these places there will certainly be a photo shoot and so it is appropriate to think about it first.

Another useful suggestion: identify an area of the house where you will place all the flowers and plants that will come to you as a gift that day, otherwise you will end up completely disrupting the installation that you had imagined and created.

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Wedding decorations in the restaurant

Who cares for the Wedding decoration of your wedding must have clear what will have to do for you. And so it is essential that you yourself have a clear idea of the type of setting you would like to obtain for your event, both in the church ceremony and in the wedding banquet.Wedding Decorations: From The House To The Location

It is certainly useful for the florist to make appropriate preventive inspections, both in the church and in the location. And that this happens well in advance of the date of marriage.

The choice of flowers, in fact, should be defined a couple of months in advance on the wedding, so as to allow the florist to procure all types of flowers you have chosen. Obviously, seasonal flowers do not have any contraindications, but if you already opt for flowers of greater “weight” (also economic), such as orchids or peonies, you will have to take into account the time needed to order them in specialized nurseries.

Flower compositions for the wedding

Another fundamental aspect is the harmonization of the arrangements with the flowers of the bride ‘s bouquet.

It is not recommended an excessive mix of colors, but it will certainly be pleasant to vary on the theme, starting from classic flowers in white and spacing on shades in tune with the dominant theme of the event.

Then remember to provide a flower to the male guests as a chanteuse and a small bouquet to the invited females, recalling the chosen floral compositions. Just as you must remember to avoid excessively fragrant flowers that could even be a nuisance.

In the location, it is to avoid the creation of too large centerpieces that would end up obstructing the view. As well as it is necessary to provide that there is a minimum of “maintenance” of Wedding decorations even during the ceremony, especially if it takes place in particularly hot or cold climatic conditions.And again: considering that the total cost of the Wedding decoration is not negligible, it is advisable to plan the re-use of the chosen flowers right from the start.Wedding Decorations: From The House To The Location

Moreover, if you turn to professionals in the field of proven experience, will be the same florists to give the re-use already during the ceremony, providing for the re-arrangement of floral arrangements made for the church and adapting them to the location, even if only for some specific areas such as the buffet corner or the entrance to the hall.

The cost of flowers for the wedding

The costs of flowers for the wedding naturally vary depending on the time of year when you are married. However, some species of flowers will, in any case, be imported, mainly from Holland and South America.

An aspect that, in addition to the timing, therefore, imposes evaluations also in terms of budget. But do not be fooled by this aspect: flowers that cost a little more can paradoxically allow savings sometimes.

The already mentioned orchids, for example, although costing more than average, allow settings that require less “creative efforts” or quantity of flowers, precisely because they are flowers that “impose” their communicative power.

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The bouquet of flowers

Last but not least, as we had already mentioned, the Wedding decoration must be in perfect harmony with the bride’s bouquet.Each flower that you choose as a dominant in the bouquet for the bride will have its own special meaning: the calla as a symbol of purity, the peony as a happy marriage and rich in love, orchids as eternal love and femininity, and so on.

Whatever your favorite flower, it will also have to be reflected in the floral arrangement in the church, at his and her home, as well as in the location where you will celebrate the banquet.