What is carbon monoxide?

If you have ever had a Boiler Repair Cheltenham such as Blu Fish come in to repair or service your homes heating system you will probably have heard them talk about checking the system for carbon monoxide. But what it is and why is it important we have carbon monoxide detectors in our buildings?

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Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas. This also applies to natural gas, but in order for us to be able to detect when there is a natural gas leak we have added a smell to it, to make it detectable. We have not achieved the same for carbon monoxide as it is not a gas that we control through pipe networks into our homes.

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The reason we need to monitor for this gas is that it is poisonous and it causes issues with the oxygen supply in your blood, which in some cases when not treated can be fatal. Carbon monoxide is produced when fuels that are carbon-based do not burn correctly.

As well as having your boiler system checked on an annual basis it is important that you have a carbon monoxide detector fitted in your home. These act in a similar way to fire alarms. You can have alarms that are fitted to your ceiling or those that are free-standing that you can place near your gas appliances. They will produce an alarm noise if the levels of carbon monoxide become too high.