What is Joinery?

What is joinery? In your home, your workshop, school or office, wherever you go, you will find something or the other that an expert skilled in this art would have created for you out of wood. Joinery is a craft skill that involves building furniture, homes, workshops, offices, stores, and other structures out of various wood materials, but nowadays other materials like cement and plastic are also being used in these constructions. The name itself defines the process of joining together two or more wooden pieces.

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There are different kinds of joinery available in the market based upon the usage and the requirement. Butt joints are very famous ones which are most often used in construction work. Butt joints are created when two pieces of wood are positioned so that they rest tightly and comfortably against each other and are perpendicular to each other. Butt joints may be created for a number of purposes like joining a board by means of overlapping the pieces of wood in this manner. For wood for your next project, consider Salisbury Timber Merchants like Timbco

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In carpentry, joinery plays an important role of providing joint spaces between two pieces of wood along with providing a level of resistance. With carpentry worktops, the tops are cut into tiles and then these are joined to form the final product. Other examples of joinery in carpentry include gluing down boards of wood together, nailing down a board to a piece of timber or nailing down boards to timber so that they may be pushed back in their place.


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