What would you use Electroless Nickel Plating for?

It’s one of the most interesting and important processes that we do in the modern world. Hard won from the Mines of Canada, Russia, Indonesia, Finland, Australia and Brazil come the supply of Nickel. It has proved to be a fantastically useful material, way more so than even copper and lead. What is the process that brings us the Nickel plating and what do we use it for? If you’d rather not worry about it and would just like the professionals to do your Electroless Nickel Plating then click on the link and move on.

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As it suggests the process involved not using electrodes in a solution to change the Ions. These Ions bond themselves to the subject that you are trying to coat and form a hard shield. When you use Nickel it is usually because you want to protect it from weathering and the elements. This means that it will not rust, or at least rust as quickly, as other components.

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The best thing about Electroless Nickel Plating is that it doesn’t require the electrical element of the process, all that needs to happen is the mixture of melted Nickel into a chemical solution and away you go. Its Nickel Ions and Nickel Sulphate coat the subject. Some compressed air is added to get everything moving and soon the job is done.

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