Where the wild things are

Nestle of the Irelands west coast is something that seems like a magical land. Three sisters sit, defending the Bay of Galway from the wild lashing winds and storms that are brought by the wide Atlantic. Leave Aran to the West and you will not hit land again until you reach the Americas. It is a harsh and rocky place with a rugged beauty that has inspired as much as it has caused despair.

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What does it take to live on Aran? In the past the island has had, and still does have an active and thriving community that is committed to the islands. They are famous for providing the world with the fashion of the Aran Sweaters. These incredible pieces of intricate knitwear were first suggested to them by the people of Guernsey, another island where the people have a beautiful island to protect. The sweaters were knitted by the women folk to protect their brave fisherman husbands, sons and betrothed as they went out into the wild sea to catch Cod, lobster and sardines.

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Aran is quite barren. There is little chance to grow arable crops as the stinging salty sea air destroys all. Tree life is virtually non-existent. However, grass will grow and the grazing of Sheep is viable. It is from this sheep that the wool for the sweaters was first won. Its natural water resistances made it the perfect material to craft the sweaters. Want one for yourself? Try Shamrock Gift. 

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