Why Choose Double Glazing For Your Property?

Double glazing is more commonly known as double-glazed windows. Insulation is achieved through a process in which two sheets of glass separated by an air gap are sealed together with a second substance and then filled with a gas or vacuum-filled cavity. The air seals allow the gas to be trapped inside the structure and therefore reduces noise and heat transfer. Double glazing has become the preferred solution for insulating commercial buildings because it provides a substantial reduction in energy consumption. A more economical alternative to single glazing is to use honeycomb or other special types of construction to provide an extra layer of insulation. Windows are also double glazed for additional security and a Double Glazing Hereford company such as Firmfix can instal these safely for you.

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There are two types of double glazing: the installation of new double-glazed windows on the outside of an existing window or a second pane of glass added to an existing window. In the installation of new double glazing, a window opening is first fitted with a second pane of glass. This second pane is typically available from the same manufacturer as the original window so that it is easy to replace should the window become damaged or need repair.

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There are many benefits to double glazing. It is cost effective, adds security and can reduce your electricity and gas bills if properly insulated. In order for your building regulations to allow double glazing you must ensure that the windows meet certain criteria such as having a relatively constant opening and closing and a relatively constant air pressure. If any part of your building regulations are invalid then it may not be possible to proceed with double glazing. Consult your local council to identify what regulations you need to follow for your area.

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