Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip
Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip

Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip?

Is the gossip, a great opportunity to become aware of your passion and create a magnificent life? Would you like to get rid of the gossip, but is it possible or is it fully understood, that it will come to an end? But if you live superficially wanting quick answers, then you will not.

How can you know that you do not like the gossip, if you are not present when people talk behind your back? And when you say that you do not like the gossip in the relationship with your friends, that you do not like such a person who is a charlatan and who makes murmurings on his back or on the back of another, is he also annoying you?

In this article I do not pretend to discredit those who do gossip, since if I do I am also gossiping, gossiping! It is no wiser to understand the gossip, to see where it is born, not to try to judge it but simply to see its reason for being and perhaps then to create something freely that could contribute to create more sympathetic and more creative relations between us.Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip

Whoever does not eat, raise your hand!

Does it happen to me to speak good or bad of others? Obviously I do. And in all cases, that happens in my free time in relation to another person. Can we wean when we are alone?

Observe; let’s look at a relationship in order to see that everyone gossiped without realizing it. We like to talk about others, to try to compare ourselves, to judge, to laugh at the physical, to say what they should do, and so on. Obviously it is easy to observe others who gossip, but when it is time to look, then we choose more than anything to justify ourselves and thus be right. We always go abroad in search of what we need.

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If you want to be right, is it possible that those who gossiping will also be right? So why enter into a discussion that leads nowhere and unconsciously create arguments, disagreements and useless conflicts? Give yourself the freedom to gossip like the others. You do not have and you will never have control of what people will say.

Then you are right to do your gossip and the others are also right. The problem is that we all are conditioned to be right or that the other is wrong. Very few people are aware that 2 truths and even two thoughts can exist at the same time. Disagreements come from this situation of I AM I OR IS THE OTHER, instead of observing that I AM AND THE OTHER.Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip

 How is the intention to weave in relation to others born?

Let us see together how the gossip is born so that we can understand and not only read my article and thus avoid thinking about it. I am not your teacher and you are not my students. You are the only authority in your life. You do not even need me to find your answers, since they are already in you. The difference is that I am aware and you are accustomed to finding your answers outside of you. The

Learned teaching has conditioned the mind to learn through the accumulation of words, instead of understanding by asking questions.

In this way, I watch myself weeping, gossiping or watching others weeping, gossiping and I hope you are too, and what we see is that we talk about others to distract ourselves, to pass the time, to get bored.

Does the fact of gossiping, of gossiping, show that our life at that moment is monotonous, routine and without great enthusiasm? Please look at or look at others weeping, gossiping, and do not focus on what I write here.

And since we do not personally live new things, pleasant and interesting, to avoid a conversation without interesting exchanges about our life, is our habit is to talk about the lives of others or about anything else?

Is it that this lack of interest in ourselves and the person we are talking about is not pleasant, that we immediately seek to talk about others? Is not the deep source of our intention here? That life boring and without any interest, since we have been conditioned in the school not to create projects together, that allows to feel in us that incredible happiness to achieve something that we wanted of heart?Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip

Why judge the gossip?

Let us observe the people who gossip, gossip, that is, observe from the outside, since when we eat, gossip, we are like them, and is not it? They say cruel things about others or also good things.

What is your feeling, what is the feeling of the people who are gossiping? Is it okay for you? For my part, I feel good to gossip, whatever I say about others, I feel good. That is my truth. Is it possible that those who gossip or gossip feel good too?

As I have no control over the lives of others, then why waste my time in wanting others to stop gossiping? Why not accept people as they are?

In truth, it is not the gossip what people do not like, is to know if the words they use do good or bad. So, if people talk right about you, that’s right since that satisfies your ego, but if people talk bad about you, then you say gossip is bad.

You see, the gossip is simply chatting and those who use the words “good” or “evil” are judging and not understanding.

The question is not how to stop the gossip, but rather, to understand and choose to create something else.Why In Social Relationships Over The Internet, People Love The Gossip

How to help a person or yourself who was gossiping behind people’s backs?

Let’s see, gossip is an opportunity that comes to you in order to create something new to understand each other well. But as you judge it, then you deny its existence which therefore offers you an opportunity to create.

When I am with a person and we discuss certain things that she does not like or that I do not like about someone or something, then I use that to create an article in order to bring people together in a consciousness and not to continue divisions in unconsciousness. That stimulates me so much that I strongly desire to write about it … and in this way use the gossip, the gossip, as a great opportunity to be constantly happy, passionate and full of life.

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The gossip is possible only when our life is monotonous and without great passion. And if gossip or gossip or lack of passion did not exist, then how could he know his opposite, that overflowing passion to create?

When you are in relation to another person and are gossiping, weeping over others, can you use that opportunity to create a project together that you like and thus improve the world around you? You have that power and if you judge it, then it is impossible to become aware.

There is no obligation in this respect; it is only an occasion that is presented to your door.