Wilkinson Quattro For Women Bikini

Wilkinson Quattro For Women Bikini

A few days ago Wilkinson invited us to a press event in which he presented a new product. (I’ll tell you the details later).

And although it is not the topic of the post I will take advantage to applaud these and other brands that take into account the fashion blogs when it comes to sending a press release or organizing an event. With our 10,000 daily visits, and many other blogs that do the same as we do, I think we have earned the right to stop being transparent for some fashion companies.Wilkinson Quattro For Women Bikini

And that being said, I focus on the event. Wilkinson presented in Madrid a revolutionary product for the feminine hair removal: ‘Quattro for Women Bikini’. In a single device we can find a razor and a useful trimmer battery-operated and water resistant. In this way, in addition to waxing can create “style” in the bikini area. Very useful for when we go in a hurry or just to have it handy in our daily shower. It is already on sale and its price is about 12 dollars.

Wilkinson Quattro For Women BikiniThe place chosen for the appointment was a coquettish store of plants in the street Hermosilla. And do not miss the interesting gardener who greeted us at the door! Unfortunately, they did not let us take it home, yes they gave us a funny little round tree, of the ones that do not dry, and the razor to try it at home.Wilkinson Quattro For Women Bikini

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