Why health and safety matters to your business

Health and safety at work is not only vital in managing risks and protecting people and property but also extremely important for the business itself. It is an integral part of sustainable development and building and maintaining a good business reputation. Let’s take a look at the benefits of good health and safety policies and procedures and why these should be taken seriously by all businesses.

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Responsibility and productivity

Employers have a moral and legal obligation to keep their workers safe and healthy; in doing this, they can reduce absences and ensure the workplace is as efficient and productive as possible. Fewer absences mean less disruption, which can save businesses money.

Productivity is also proven to be increased in workplaces in which there is a tangible commitment to health and safety, whether this means training workers properly in health and safety procedures in-house or referring them to outside agencies and specialist training companies such as https://globalflt.com/services/ipaf/ to gain safety-related qualifications such as IPAF course training.

Legal obligation

Workplace safety is covered by law, including legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work Act, as explained on the British Safety Council website. This means business owners can face criminal charges if legislation is not complied with.

Investment opportunities

A commitment to corporate social responsibility and sustainability is what investors look for. Conversely, serious businesspeople – and clients and customers – are likely to shy away from businesses that forego their health and safety responsibilities. Investors want to know that you protect your workers, with customers increasingly rejecting companies that do not offer services and products ethically and do not demonstrate work practices that protect the workforce and the end product users.

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Good workers are also drawn to companies that take their welfare, and the wellbeing of others, seriously. This means the best talent may reject opportunities with businesses that are not committed to robust health and safety policies and procedures, opting instead to work for the brands and businesses that demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility.