Things that you Should Not Overlook When Preparing your Home to go on the Market

Before you put your house on the market, in order to present it in its best light and catch the attention of potential buyers, you will spend a while cleaning and painting, and generally making your home look its best. Here are some of the things that can easily be forgotten, but can improve the appeal of your home to buyers…

The Garage – A garage that is well presented can be a really appealing thing to a buyer. However, you need to make sure it doesn’t look scruffy – have a clear and clean out and if necessary have a broken door repaired or replaced by an expert like this garage doors Gloucester based company

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The Garden – You don’t have to have a garden that is a horticultural wonder, but a garden that is tidy, neat and well maintained will be good. Make sure that grass is cut and that it is clear of debris like moss and leaves (especially in autumn and winter).

You might also want to do some weeding and cut back bushes that are a bit overgrown.

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Repairs – If you have a few things in your home that are not as they should be – a dripping tap or a broken door handle for example, this is the time to get it repaired. Things that we have learned to live with are not as likely to be overlooked by people looking around the property for the first time.