What level of event medical cover do I need?

When planning an event, one of the most important considerations is whether you require medical cover and, if so, what level of cover is needed. Below is listed a few factors to consider when deciding on the level of cover required:

  • Have you organised an event before? If so, an analysis of the data from that event is essential, as is knowledge of any casualty rates from previous events. When approaching event cover companies, they will require this information.
  • The type of event being planned. For example, there will be different requirements for a theatre show compared to a vehicle race. The level of risk during the event will need careful consideration.
  • Will the event be indoors or outdoors or a combination of the two? Different areas may need different approaches.
  • Will there be a large audience? If so, will they be predominantly sitting or standing? The audience profile is also essential information. Will the audience be mostly young people or family groups? Is there any possibility of rival fans coming together?
  • The number of people attending. The size of the audience has a direct impact on how many first aiders/emergency responders are required.
  • What activities will be during the event, and are any considered high-risk?
  • What time of year and season is the event appropriate for outdoor events? Weather conditions are important considerations for the level of medical coverage needed. For more information on Event Medical Cover, visit Private Paramedic, provider of Event Medical Cover

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There are various guidelines for planning medical cover for an event, and it can feel confusing. St John’s Ambulance has put together two guides, the Purple Guide for event cover guidelines and the Green Guide for sporting events.

Members of The Events Industry Forum, other organisations in the industry, and the Health and Safety Executive have collated the Purple Guide. The HSE guides the workplace health and safety aspects of event management.

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The organiser of an event also needs to put together a risk assessment. This document will contain information about the above mentioned factors when planning an event. This risk assessment will be provided to the medical cover provider. The organiser must be confident that the chosen provider can meet all the requirements and deliver the required level of service.