Creating External Shade For Summer

We are approaching the end of the year, the days get shorter, and we anticipate warmer climates next summer. The weather is going to get better. Everyone is eagerly awaiting some sunshine and warmth after a long, grey winter. As Brits we are always fighting the weather. After the long winter, the heat of the sun is a challenge meaning we often turn to the shade.

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You know what it’s like. Enjoying a sunny, warm weekend in your garden with a refreshing drink in the midday sun. The birds are singing and there’s no cloud in sight. You may need a place to cool off and retreat from all this perfection. This calls for solar shading for homes and businesses. Charity and health organisations, including the NHS state that we should all spend some time in the shade to avoid dehydration, overheating and skin damage. What if you do not want to be forced to stay inside during nice weather? We don’t get enough sunny days to spend them indoors. Keep cool with Brise Soleil from

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A tensile canopy or structure can be used as an outdoor shade. Tensile structures let you enjoy the outdoors for as long as possible without having to worry about your health or overheating. The tensile solution is a unique and attractive way to solve the problem. You can enjoy the beautiful weather, fresh air, and the outdoors without needing to go inside.

A shaded area can offer protection from the sun’s heat, but also from unexpected rain or wind. We all know that having a BBQ or garden party can be a recipe for disaster in terms of the weather. A shade in your back garden will give you the confidence to host a gathering without fearing unforeseen rain.