Mulching the Garden This Autumn

As autumn has now arrived, it is likely that you have a long list of jobs to do in your garden – from planting new bulbs ready for the spring to finding someone like this Dorset tree surgeon to come and cut back your trees and shrubs whilst they are dormant.

Something else that will improve your garden now and into next Spring, is mulching.

One of the jobs that you should do in the garden is mulching – this is when you put mulch down around plants and you get many benefits from it, such as helping the soil to retain moisture and suppressing weeds. Although the most usual time of the year to do this is in the spring, it is actually something that should also be done in the autumn if possible as it can also protect from pests and also the extreme temperatures.

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There are many varieties of mulch – they come in two main forms, either biodegradable or non-biodegradable. The non-biodegradable types are different as they are not used as a fertiliser as they do not benefit the soil in this way, however they are good for suppressing weed growth and help keep moisture in the soil. They are a popular choice as they are often made from slate or stone and therefore also give a pleasant appearance.

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Biodegradable mulch is made from compost, wood chippings and manure – it is of course not decorative like non-biodegradable mulch, but it does put a lot of nutrients into the soil, and it releases these slowly so the soil will benefit for some time after the mulch has been put down.