New Carpet Cleaning Tips

You want your new carpet to last as long as you can. New carpets are a good investment that will add warmth, style and comfort to your home. These carpet care tips will help you keep your new carpet looking and feeling good. For Pay Weekly Carpets, go to


In areas with high traffic, dust and dirt are a given. The dirt that is trampled between the fibres eventually wears them out. Vacuuming regularly will prevent dirt from getting stuck between carpet tufts.

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Ignore common advice to let your carpet settle in. Initially, all new carpets will shed loose fibres. These should be vacuumed immediately. Otherwise, the fibres will be trampled into the carpet and cause a matted appearance.


This is a common manufacturing defect. Do not pull the tuft, but trim it to match the length of your carpet.


It is possible for your carpet to appear with uneven crush marks, also known as shading. The pile pressure that is present in all cut-pile flooring is not a defect or fault. It’s nothing to be concerned about, as it won’t harm the carpet.

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As soon as you see a stain on your carpet, clean it immediately. Unfortunately, no amount of cleaning can stop all accidents and spills. Never scrub your carpet, only blot. To begin, blot up any liquid spills with a kitchen towel or a clean cloth. Work from the outer edge of the stain to the centre. Solid spills can be removed with a clean knife.


Modern carpets are dyed with very high-quality dyes, which offer excellent colour fastness in the sun. Over time, however, all fabrics and carpets will fade slightly when exposed to sunlight. Close blinds in rooms that have large windows and receive lots of sunlight to prevent carpets from fading.