Three Ways to Make your Home Safer this Winter

Home security in the winter is particularly important – as the weather changes as well as the longer hours of darkness that the colder months bring, it puts your home at more risk, so it is wise to know what you are going to be dealing with at this time of the year and put things in place to protect your home from these wintery risks.

Frozen Pipes – As temperatures drop the pipes run the risk of freezing. This not only prevents the water from getting to the home but also can lead to burst pipes. Making sure that your pipes are well protected is essential, especially if you live in an older property as these often have pipes made of older materials which are more at risk of freezing.

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Burglaries – The longer hours of darkness are appealing to burglars who of course prefer to go about undetected, so making sure that you have good home security is essential especially in the winter. People like these locksmiths Exeter will be able to provide good security locks for your home and outbuildings like sheds which are also a target for burglars. You may also want to fit security lighting around the perimeter of the property.

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Roof Damage – There are lots of weather conditions in the winter that can cause damage to the roof. Snow and ice can get under the tiles and force them from the roof, as well as wind which can not only blow tiles off, but can also blow things onto the roof. It is a good idea to check that your roof and the gutter is in good repair before winter arrives.