Italian Cuisine wins the UK over

Italian food has existed since the Romans invaded Britain. It’s not all the Romans’ original ideas. They were heavily influenced by Greeks and Etruscans. They did not bring pasta but they brought olives, grapes, wine, and citrus fruits.

How did we end up with our beloved pizza, pasta, and gelato ice cream? In an Italian restaurant, you can enjoy the lively music and frescoes on the walls. For speedy service, let’s hope they use a Restaurant Pager System like that from

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You might be wondering where this delicious Italian food came from.

It’s sad to say that Italian food is mostly known for pasta, pizza and gelato. Italy is very diverse and it has many different regions with very different food ideas. The cold Alps in the North and the warm Mediterranean beaches of Calabria in the South allow the Italian farmers to grow a variety of ingredients that add colour and flavour to their dishes. The Italians know that good food goes with good times. This is why their cuisine is so popular in the UK.

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Italian food was heavily influenced after World War I by immigrants who left Italy. Italy was in a state of recession, and North America provided a new start. The people naturally wanted to taste home. The GIs brought this taste to Britain during the Second World War. Like Indian/Bangladeshi or Chinese food, the British were very interested in trying new foods from around the world. The use of Pasta, and the street food Pizza were major influences on this American Italian cuisine.