Reasons to learn about boating

Boating lessons can help you become a safer and more knowledgeable boater. Signing up for boating classes before you get out on the water has many benefits.

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The Four Benefits Of Boating Lessons

Before you hit the water, here are some good reasons to enrol in sailing or boating lessons:

  1. Improve Water Safety

Captains are most likely to take boating lessons in order to increase their safety and confidence on the water. It can be difficult, confusing, and even dangerous to figure out how to operate your boat if you are already on the water. We recommend that you master basic boating skills like docking and anchoring. Boating safety is also important. Line handling skills are also essential. Before you ever take the helm, it’s important to master basic boating skills. For a RYA Day Skipper Course, visit

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  1. Get Discounted Boat Insurance

Boat insurance companies may offer discounts to boaters who take lessons before purchasing their policy. You should therefore consider taking boating lessons before you apply for boat insurance. You could be eligible for a discount on the premium of your policy.

  1. Familiarise yourself with the Waterway

Like on the road, boaters must adhere to certain rules. You can be sure that when you take boating classes, you will be operating the way you should.

You can expect to learn the following rules during your boating lesson:

  • Avoiding boating too closely to other boats
  • Find the channel, and know when to use it.
  • How to pass or overtake another vessel in the water.
  • How to control the speed of a boat in a safe manner.
  1. Discover Boats You Like

You can test out potential boat options by taking lessons if you haven’t bought your own vessel. Some classes not only familiarise you with different boat types but also give you the chance to test them out and determine which one suits your lifestyle.