Tips For Buying a New Printer

Choosing the right printer is important, whether you’re purchasing for your business, home office or just to keep around. The old adage, “you get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to printers. A cheap one will cost you more in the long run with costly replacement cartridges, maintenance and energy consumption.

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Consider the workload. For example, if you expect to print thousands or even tens of thousands of pages per month, look for an office-style printer with high duty cycle ratings. These printers can handle high volumes with little wear and tear, which makes them a good fit for offices. If you’re looking for something more home-based, look for a model with a lower expected volume.

Also, consider the type of materials you’ll be printing, such as documents, photos or both. If you’ll be printing mostly black and white text, opt for a laser printer; if you’ll be printing high-resolution coloured images, choose an inkjet. For advice on choosing Gloucester Printers, go to a site like

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Another factor to consider is the dpi (dots per inch) of your printer. This is a measure of how many dots of ink are applied to each square inch of paper, and it’s often used as an indicator of print quality. However, it’s not necessarily the only factor when considering print quality — factors such as ink usage and quality control also play a role.