The future SUV will be called Tesla Model Y, and three other models will arrive in 2017

Tesla Model Y

The master plan Tesla is gradually taking shape. The Gigafactory will be the cornerstone of the whole project is going well and are increasingly looking to expand more and more looking to create a complete range that meets the more the better needs.

The latter has been confirmed via Twitter by Elon Musk the name of its future model is Tesla Model Y. Under this heading, the following new goes straight to where he likes to market, a mid-sized SUV made on the platform Tesla Model 3. what does that mean? That after the pitch of own Model 3, the Model Y will be a new success.

Tesla Model Y
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Three new models for 2017

In addition, it has also been confirmed in the catalog Tesla will be a delivery van, a minivan and healthy intention to develop a pick-up. The latter two models would take the base of the Model X, larger and more robust.

In the conversation on Twitter between James Ross and Elon Musk, the American tycoon confirmed that “the pick-up is an idea that makes a lot of sense”, and before that stated that the concept of minibus on chassis Model X could be something similar to the legendary Volkswagen California, a vehicle for transporting passengers comfortable and practical that would be around eight seats.

As is clear from the comments Musk himself, all these vehicles would be in an embryonic stage of development, and we have to wait until 2017 for its debut.

For now we must wait to see how the Gigafactory supports the production of batteries for the huge amount of Tesla Model 3 to be produced and delivered to begin in late 2017. But if Musk plans are ongoing development Tesla range is going to be accelerating.

With a little luck and as redeemed over investment, perhaps we step we can benefit from a drop in prices of its models. It would be logical to after all that the more models built on the same platform more you can adjust the price of final products put on the street. They have already lowered the price of the Model X, but still a long way to go.

In the background, and while Tesla’s repertoire expands, so it does the development of future autonomous driving technology. This technology go far beyond comfort for the driver, but a means to share the vehicle between several people during this downtime. An application that could benefit the social economy both in the transport of people and goods.

There are many destinations in the roadmap Tesla, and only time will end up giving the reason or taking it away from Elon Musk. And for the sake of the automotive industry and its development, I trust rather be the first option. For more tips visit