Of Spiders And Men

Of Spiders And Men

On holiday in London I had the opportunity to go to the rigorous premiere of the third of the film adptación the hero of comic Spiderman.

Spiderman’s black costume

I do not know exactly how, but the fact is that I have seen all previous deliveries, with more or less interest, but I have been faithful to each one of them.

Of Spiders And MenThe latter, it does not disappoint, entertains that it is the only thing that seems that worries in the worlds of Hollywood. Despite not being everything read in comics that I would like, I have had the opportunity to enjoy one of the spiderman recently. I agree with the readers of this genre, that the complexity of the character of the comic is far from the relatively simple character and paradillo that plays Tobey Maguire.

Of Spiders And MenThe casting of the protagonist is, in my point of view, one of the weakest aspects of all deliveries. One would expect someone more dynamic to give life to the superhero. It is not credible the unfolding of bad-malote that makes the actor in the third part.

Of Spiders And MenHereos and villanos, present in this part their duality, nobody seems to be clearly defined in one side or another, although finally they put the cards on the table and each one will discover its true nature.

Of Spiders And MenSome open arguments are closed in previous parts but also the open plot to be able to continue with this great merchandising franchise that generates so many benefits.

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