Remove Condensation

Remove Condensation

This phenomenon produces a number of drawbacks such as mist on the windows, mold on walls and ceilings, and a strong odor of humidity and deterioration of the contents of the house.

This series of drawbacks can be minimized by following a few simple steps continuously if the excess condensation is not very high.

The easiest way to eliminate condensation is to maintain adequate ventilation.Remove Condensation

Keeping the windows open is sometimes tricky, is not it? Currents of cold air, pollution coming in from the outside, noises and mites make it impossible to ventilate our house 365 days a year.

Remove condensation

Here are some tips to eliminate condensation. Keep in mind that it is a constant work that can greatly help to solve the problem of condensation if the home is not very affected.

  • Try to maintain a constant temperature inside your home as long as possible. Sudden changes in temperature can aggravate moisture.
  • Ventilate the house every day.
  • Avoid drying clothes inside your home. If you have no choice because you do not have a suitable place to do it outdoors, place the clothesline next to an open window in a room and close the door. The humidity of the clothes generates condensation damping that will be installed in walls and windows.
  •  If you have a washing room, make sure it is properly ventilated. Drying appliances can also generate condensation.
  • Do not use gas heating systems to heat your home. The combustion of the gas produces water vapor helping to load the environment of humidity and further enhancing the condensation.
  •  Keep the furniture slightly away from the walls. If you want to prevent condensation dampness from affecting your furniture, a good practice is to move them slightly away from the walls so that air can move between the furniture and the wall.
  • Make sure that the humidity always comes from the same area. It could happen that they affected only certain rooms in the house.Remove Condensation

If after applying these tips for a reasonable time you have not been able to eliminate condensation, your home may need treatment against condensation.

Removing the condensation so that our clients enjoy a pleasant home is one of the activities that we do daily in Dry House.

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As specialists in treatments against condensation, eliminating the condensation of any space (at home, be it a flat or a house in the countryside, offices, national heritage, etc.) is for us a constant task that has allowed us to know in depth the origin, effects and manifestations in its broadest sense.

At Dry House we know that each space is different: the climate, the orientation, the area, the type of construction, the terrain, the influence of the inhabitants and their customs…

That is why we have adopted a range of totally innovative solutions to adapt to the needs of each of the affected spaces to eliminate condensation.

The installation of our system, responsible for ventilating the house and eliminating the excess humidity of the environment, offers an incredible improvement of the interior habitability guaranteeing the maximum degree of comfort in the house.Remove Condensation

It also ensures that the indoor air is completely replaced 20 times a day, creating a clean and healthy environment in which condensation humidity’s cannot exist.

With amazingly quiet operation and incredible low consumption our system eliminates mold and mildew, improves heat distribution, and eliminates unpleasant odors.Remove Condensation

The benefits are many because it prevents the entry of contaminants from the outside and also uses the source of heat wasted in our home, allowing a considerable energy savings when it comes to heating the house.