14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job

14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job

Getting the ideal job is not an easy task. But if what you are looking for is to significantly increase your chances, you must learn to use some tactics intelligently to help you achieve the goal. In that sense, LinkedIn has published a Job Search Guide, in the document you will find several interesting tips, of which Eugene Kim, collaborator of Business Insider magazine, has highlighted 14 of the most important lessons in his article entitled “These foolproof tips from LinkedIn will help you land your dream job “, such as:

1.- Although there are 11 million job offers per month in the US, a typical job search can take about six months on average, according to LinkedIn.

2.- Among the recommendations, LinkedIn requests better tactics for job search. Therefore, these tips will help you to be one step closer to landing your dream job.

14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job3.First things first, make sure your LinkedIn profile and resume are up to date. Remember that they are two separate things: curriculum vitae should be designed for specific positions, while LinkedIn profiles should be geared towards all potential employers.

4.- Next, configure saved job alerts and email notifications for new opportunities that meet your needs. You can do it in the LinkedIn job search application.

14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job5.- Review and read news articles that update you on topics that could be discussed in your interview. This activity can really help with confidence.

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6.- Make sure that the photo you put on your profile looks professional. Choose to include smile, appropriate clothing and places of abundant light.

7.- Write descriptive summaries and what you aspire as a professional on your profile page. It is important to show the experience gained in your previous work.

14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job8.- Ask your supervisors for each job to write a letter of recommendation.

9.- Includes all your degrees, courses and graduate programs, as well as the schools you passed through in the education section.

10.- Building a correct network is very important. There are three types of people that should be included in your profile: a) someone who knows you on a personal level b) a well-connected individual who is willing to connect with others and c) an expert in a specific industry.

14 Linkedin Tips That Will Help You Get The Dream Job11.- Use these three channels to find work clues: 1) old bosses and coworkers 2) friends 3) contacts of colleagues.

12.- According to LinkedIn, 80% of the positions are dealt with through references. That means that the best way to get a job is through your own network.

13.- Once you get to the interview stage, be sure to respond with these three ideas in mind: 1) stay in the interest of the recruiter 2) share your areas to reinforce 3) use anecdotes to leave a stronger impression.

14.- Do not forget to ask questions that make a good impression on the coach such as: what will I learn if I work here?

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