How to impress clients when working from home

  1. Your home office can be client-friendly

Separate your home office from the rest of the house. The ideal is to use a room that has a separate entry. Keep pets away from your office. Also, warn anyone you live with that they must not disturb you. A desk, table and chair set up will make the area comfortable and professional. Set up a small station where you can serve your clients tea, water or coffee.

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  1. Meetings professionally handled

Making a good first impression is not just about the location. Use these tips to ensure that your meeting is professional and productive.

Be punctual

Arrive on time for any meeting that you have off-site. When the client arrives at your home office, you should be prepared to start immediately.

Do your research

Be sure to be well-informed about any topics that your client might want to discuss.

  1. Consider holding your meeting at a coffee shop

Most people who work at home prefer to meet their clients in a café. Coffee shops have their pros and cons, even if a client likes this. Cafes and restaurants can be neutral places. It removes any awkwardness associated with meeting at a person’s home. Noise and distractions can be a problem in coffee shops, however and the client might find it unprofessional.

A client might question your legitimacy if you do not have a professional conference room. For Meeting Room Hire Birmingham, visit

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  1. Rent a meeting space

Professional meeting rooms are the ideal location for remote workers and freelancers to meet with clients. Private meeting rooms provide a neutral environment to an office. These rooms may be equipped with all the amenities you require, including air conditioning, water coolers, projectors, and whiteboards.

The flexibility of renting a meeting room is a plus. You can choose the right size room depending on how many clients you will be meeting and your requirements.