How To Tell Your Superior That You Feel Overwhelmed By So Much Work?

How To Tell Your Superior That You Feel Overwhelmed By So Much Work?

Feeling overwhelmed by so much work and reducing lead times can affect the quality of reports.

Sometimes workers feel overwhelmed with work because bosses ask for and demand that tasks be performed, without noticing the situation of the employee, who may be tired, frustrated and overwhelmed by overwork. It may be a high season that involves little control over how to manage and manage time, as they are responding regularly to “urgent requests” from executives. Tasks that often cannot be delegated to direct reports.

Therefore, it is necessary to follow some recommendations to face the boss and tell him that you feel overwhelmed, fatigued and frustrated. There are two things you can do to alleviate this situation. First you must learn to prioritize tasks and decide what is really urgent and what to expect. In front of these situations you must manage your time to be able to solve the new order, maintaining the quality criteria.

This often means that it is necessary to stop to take the momentum and finish the tasks assigned. It is not always easy to face the boss when you are assigned new projects. “However, continuous urgent requests not only affect your ability to finish the job, but you could develop poor quality reports. So taking backward momentum is often a necessity, “says Andria Corso in her article” How to Respectfully Stand up To Your Boss When You’re Overworked “portal

How To Tell Your Superior That You Feel Overwhelmed By So Much Work?How to talk to my boss

There are five recommendations you can consider if you are going to tell the boss that you feel overwhelmed:

Quality reference

Explain the situation to your boss without using words that accuse, seem critical or sound vague or evasive. Instead of blaming it on the workload, frame your concerns and focus on quality. You can tell your boss that you fear that the quality of your work will be affected by an overload of projects and responsibilities. If you can, share projects that can be completed without impact on quality. In some cases it is recommended to say something like that you can complete four high quality projects in one week, but six would be difficult.

How To Tell Your Superior That You Feel Overwhelmed By So Much Work?Give examples

Sometimes sharing examples of problem situations can help you think about poorly developed jobs by feeling overwhelmed. For example, instead of saying you have too much work; inform your boss that you need more time to fulfill your orders. You can also give examples of situations in which you had to work overtime to deal with an excessive workload.

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Discuss deadlines

Often, the burden problem goes through task assignments with simultaneous delivery dates. Faced with this situation, it is best to ask to adjust or stagger the deadlines that allow you to give each project a reasonable amount of attention. This may require the use of a list that allows your boss to prioritize projects.

How To Tell Your Superior That You Feel Overwhelmed By So Much Work?Discuss the delegation of tasks

You can be very good at your job, but being overwhelmed by the boss with the delegation of several projects can affect your health. It is time for other colleagues to take on more responsibilities to lighten your burden. For example, if a project needs your analytical skills, but also requires data verification, inform your boss that you will assign that part to an employee with a lighter workload.

The right tone

Never complain about your boss’s work and avoid sounding angry, frustrated or discouraged. Speak calmly and focus your concerns on the health of the company. Instead of just complaining about the amount of work you have. Focus on presenting new solutions to get the job done on time.

If you feel that the boss is overwhelmed with the workload, do not stay down and tell him, because your work depends on good results and if you cannot fulfill the tasks assigned will generate losses for the company and your image will be affected.