Three Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Help Save the Planet

Most of us are aware that we need to drastically alter the way that we live if we are going to be able to prevent any more problems happening in relation to climate change and global warming. Governments and industry have a lot to do to tackle the climate crisis, but as individuals we can also make a difference by making adjustments to our lives.

Here are some of the ways that you can reduce your carbon footprint…

Recycle More– Landfill is a huge problem, so think about how you can reduce what you send there. Look into what materials that you can recycle as it is likely that there is more than you think – for example, some places like this offer Polystyrene Recycling. Supermarkets and councils will also usually have places where you can recycle.

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Think about travel – Many people will have one or two cars per household – but is this necessary? As well as helping the planet, by cycling and walking where possible you will also be benefiting your body. Many people are also switching to electric vehicles now as they are better for the environment.

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Eat with the Season – Food is one of the major contributors to the climate crisis – as well as farming causing problems such as deforestation, food being transported from other climates is bad for the environment. Grow your own veg or support your local greengrocers and farm shops and buy locally grown and farmed produce.