Creating the Perfect Home Office

You might be using a side room to get some work done after hours, or you might even have a complete home office. Maybe you work from home full-time, or maybe you catch up on work during the evenings. Either way, it’s vital that you have somewhere that you can distinguish as where you get work done. Mentally separating work space from home space is essential for well-being. There are a few simple things that you can do to make your office space more conducive to work. All you need is a little creative thinking.

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Untangle Those Cables

Cables trailing over the floor are an accident waiting to happen, and mentally you will feel so much more prepared to work when your workspace isn’t cluttered or a health hazard! Be sure to follow guidelines.

Build Upwards

Even if you’ve got a cupboard-sized space, you will have walls, so get yourself some shelving. Shelf board is relatively easy to find in hardware stores, and you can even find narrow shelving if space is particularly tight.


While it is important to distinguish your work space from personal space, you should still have something that reflects your personality. After all, most of us will have a picture or two on our desks at work. Maybe there’s some quirky artwork you enjoy that nobody else in the house appreciates? Or maybe using lap trays, like some of the fun designs at, is something you love to do at home but it’s not really viable in the office.

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Prepare for Distractions

If you know that you’re likely to be tempted by the new episode of your favourite show on a streaming service, don’t even install the app. If you have a tendency to procrastinate on social media when you check notifications, turn them off, or at the very least mute them during the hours you usually get work done. By ensuring you’re well prepared for distractions, you can avoid them altogether.

Don’t Neglect Your Wellbeing

Thanks to strict occupational health guidelines most offices will have protocols that they have to stick to – making sure that people have suitable chairs, wrist rests, or foot stools. Just because you’re in the comfort of your own home, it doesn’t mean you should skip the audit on your comfort at the desk.