How to Choose the Right Colour of Laminate Wood for Your Home

There are plenty of colours to choose from when deciding on a laminate, but the many varieties available can make it hard to pick. To help you out, we’ve put together some handy tips so you can be sure that beautiful shade will look just as good in your home as it does on the colour palette.


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Optimise Space and Light

Laminate flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to its versatility, practicality and attractive appearance. Once you’ve identified which colours you find most appealing, it’s essential to consider whether they will suit the features of your home. A room’s lighting can make a crucial difference to our moods and how we optimise the space around us. Choosing the right laminate for your room could open up a smaller room or bring warmth to a large open space. Dark tones such as oak and terri can transform rooms with plenty of natural or artificial light. However, smaller spaces with low ceilings benefit more from lighter natural tones. A great choice for these tighter spaces would be white or grey-coloured laminates due to their light radiating qualities.

Complement Your Interior

It can be helpful to think about what tones will best suit your furniture and the personality of your decor. Characterful red and yellow tones such as maple and oak can bring warmth to a dark room, while lighter tones offer a pure and clean ambience that highlights key furniture. Don’t be afraid to make contrasts, which can be just as important as complementing colours. Having your walls, decor, and floor too similar can result in your room becoming washed out and lacking in personality.

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Try Before You Buy

Once you’ve made your decision, it is well worth sampling your chosen colour in different light settings, as it may look very different at night compared to on a sunny day. It’s additionally important to bear in mind the tones and textures of the walls and ceilings when making your decision. This is relevant not just for the room you are decorating but also for other rooms in the house. By considering all these factors, you should have new flooring which perfectly complements your home.