What Customer Service Skills Does a Receptionist Have?

As receptionists are often the first person that a visitor will encounter when attending an office space it is important that they have a number of different skills. They also need to have a professional space to work from, such as a reception desk and some Reception Chairs, from companies like Bestbuy Office Chairs that they can show the visitors to whilst they are waiting for their meetings to start.

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Some of the most important skills for a receptionist are customer service skills and here are just a few of them for you to take a look through.

Professional – a receptionist will need to look and act in a professional manner as they are the customer facing part of any business. This may mean that you want them to wear a particular uniform and you may also want them to conduct themselves in a particular manner.

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Multi-tasking – in order to be able to answer the telephone, sign in visitors, answer emails and ensure that visitors have refreshments and are shown to any relevant meeting room space, a receptionist needs to be able to mutli-task. They will also need to be confident in prioritising their workload so that everything is completed in the timescales requested and no visitors are left standing around waiting to be signed in.

Greetings – You may want to give your receptionist a number of set greetings that they will use when they welcome visitors into your office space and when they answer the telephone. This will help you to ensure that your business voice and brand identity is displayed across all customer touch points in your company.