Six solar panel FAQs

Lowering electric bills and reducing their carbon footprint tend to be the main reasons people invest in solar panels. It is how you make use of them that will get you the best results, so let’s take a look at the answers to six frequently asked questions.

For those interested in learning more about solar panels, this article may prove useful.

  1. How are solar panels installed?

Solar panel installation is a job best left to the experts, such as Whether you are having a solar panel installation Weston, London, or elsewhere, professional installers will ensure your panels are fitted safely and securely.

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  1. Do solar panels need cleaning?

    A question many people ask is whether they need to clean their solar panels. In most cases, solar panels are self-cleaning due to the incline of the roof; however, in some cases, they may need to be cleaned. These include when birds make a home on your roof, leaves from nearby trees fall onto the panels, air pollution causes a film to develop, or you live close to the sea and salt buildup occurs.

    3. How do you clean solar panels?

    Kits are available to clean solar panels, both in stores and online. Be sure to buy a high-quality kit approved by the manufacturer that comes with an extendable pole that lets you clean the panels from the safety of the ground.

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  1. How can you profit from solar panels?

    Compare and contrast the amount you pay on your electric bills alongside the amount you will be paid for trading your extra solar electricity with the grid. This will reveal how much you will save on your electric bills.

    5. Will the inverter need replacing?

    It is likely that the inverter will need replacing at some point. While solar panels commonly have a warranty of up to 25 years, inverters are not expected to last this long.

    6. Will shading be an issue?

    Shade isn’t ideal for solar panels, so try to ensure they won’t be affected by things such as trees and chimneys.