The Magical and Beautiful Selkies of Ireland and Scotland

Ireland is home to many legends and is a land of all sorts of stories of all types of creatures, from giants to the famous Leprechauns. However, another creature that is said to roam the shorelines of both Ireland and Scotland is the magical Selkie. These enchanting creatures are part seal and part human, and they can come on land when they shed their seal skin.

Ireland has lots of beautiful coastline to explore and there are many tales of the magical Selkies in the waters around Ireland. Of course, the weather can be chilly and a little damp around the coastlines of Ireland, so it is sensible to wear warm clothing like these womens Irish sweaters, as well as waterproofs!

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Selkies have long featured in stories from Ireland and Scotland, and are similar to mermaids in a way – creatures that are part human and part aquatic can be found all over the world and Ireland is no exception.

They are renowned for being beautiful when they are in their human form and many of the stories of them speak about people who have fallen in love with a Selkie, and therefore have hidden their seal skin to prevent them from going back to the water.

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However, the Selkie that is trapped on land, is never happy, even after years have passed and they have married and had children and they still long for the sea. After finding the seal skin, they return to the sea and never return.