Why Fraud is a Big Problem for Businesses

Fraud, whether employee or organisational, is a major issue in the business world. A large percentage of fraud incidents involve the activities of executives of major companies and is often multi-billion-pound affairs. In addition to the money lost, victims of fraud can include consumers, investors, other businesses, and employees. Many victims of fraud are forced to file for bankruptcy. However, these types of crimes are not confined to large corporations or even to big names. In fact, these criminals typically target smaller enterprises.

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According to a recent survey, fraud awareness has increased, reaching the highest level in many years. While the number of fraudulent activities continues to grow, companies are increasingly spending to combat the problem. A whistleblower programme is one way to ensure that any employee who has detected fraud can report it confidentially. As a result, there is a growing awareness of fraud and a larger number of investigations. To help prevent your business suffering from fraud, consider the benefits of an AML ID Check from a company like W2 Global Data

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The cost of fraud is rising despite an increase in awareness of the issue. A recent survey found that the average organisation loses 5% of its revenue to fraud each year. That amount is staggering, particularly when you consider that more than half of reported economic crimes in the past few years have cost companies tens of billions. And it’s not just smaller businesses that suffer from the problem – many large organisations have fewer anti-fraud controls than small companies.


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