Who Carries It Better?

Who Carries It Better?

It is normal for the bloggers to copy or simply match in tastes and styles … so I bring you one of those who carries it better? Or who carries it with more style? Let us begin:

Who Carries It Better?Paula Echevarría and Mar Saura wear the same Mango dress with a very similar style, the only thing that changes is the bag that for my taste is betters the bag hanging from the shoulder of Paula, which is not appreciated very well, to the portfolio of Sea.

Who Carries It Better?The owners of blogs My wardrobe in Ruina and Lovely Pepa, or what is the same Esther and Alex wear hats, a borsalino another canotier Difficult choice right?

Who Carries It Better?Sara from the blog Collage Vintage and Erea from A ll That She Wants have done a post together, both wearing the same blue dress What style do you prefer?

Who Carries It Better?The bloggers of The Cherry Blossom Girl, Alix and The Blonde Salad Chiara have opted for the ‘cat eye’, some in white and some black, I’m not very fan of this trend … but if you had to choose which one would be?

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