6 Recommendations That Will Help You In A Job Interview

6 Recommendations That Will Help You In A Job Interview

Currently there is much talk about the control of emotions in a job interview, in this regard, Paola Chocano, Consulting Manager of Career Partners Peru, states that “emotions are not controlled but if it is possible to manage them, we must recognize what emotion we are feeling in a situation of tension, then decide if we want to react or look for other alternatives that lead us to connect with a positive emotion, “says Chocano.

Before participating in a job selection process and attending an interview, the applicant must be fully prepared, from reviewing and studying their CV, to be clear about their results and to explain them in a way that recruiters can validate the level of their competences. “When we feel we are very well prepared, the emotions we feel will contribute to the success of our interview,” says the specialist.

6 Recommendations That Will Help You In A Job InterviewA person who shows nervousness or fear during the entire interview, is likely to be unable to respond successfully, not understand the questions and become cloudy. Also, it could distract the interviewer who will not be able to evaluate the competences. In that sense, it is normal to feel nervous at the beginning, that shows that the candidate is very interested in that opportunity and turn the nerves into energy to show passion during the interview.

6 Recommendations That Will Help You In A Job InterviewBeing prepared for an interview includes knowing your own opportunities for improvement, so you do not have to improvise or remain silent, recommends the executive of Career Partners Peru. “It often happens that we sometimes seek to avoid responding to opportunities for improvement and, therefore, we do not do the exercise of identifying what they are, so I recommend self-analysis or request feedback so they can identify and respond with sincerity.”

6 Recommendations That Will Help You In A Job InterviewFinally, if the applicant is preparing for a job interview, Paola Chocano offers the following recommendations:

1) Review and study your CV.

2) Identify their main achievements and prepare to be able to explain them in a way that generates an impact during the interview.

3) Know the strengths and opportunities for improvement.

4) Show energy, success and security.

5) Enjoy the process, it is an excellent opportunity to talk about us and generate a positive impact on the person who is interviewing us.

6) Go prepared, do not improvise, remember you will not have another opportunity to show your potential.

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