How to Write Persuasive Web Copy

The success of any modern website relies heavily on good copy. Content marketing managers will work hard to create comprehensive content marketing plans that engage customers with value-added compelling content and which respond to the needs of search-engines for targeted keywords.

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Great copy for digital requires a different format than for print. It is shorter and punchier and will often be written to include targeted keywords that match customer search terms. Here are some tips to get it right first time.


Connection and engagement are key for a great customer experience and to encourage visitors to spend time on your website – ultimately driving them to that conversion. It must be skilfully written to persuade the visitor of your offer rather than resorting to tired or sleazy straplines.

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Be Upfront

Always provide the most important information elements upfront and then move on to the less vital points. Your content should be brief so that it can be scanned – broken up into bullets or short paragraphs rather than big chunks of copy.

Be Specific

Each message should be crafted to sell benefits rather than features, with meaningful words in the customers’ own language rather than advertising hyperbole and pointless adjectives. Make it succinct, punchy and respectful of the reader’s time and intelligence. No outlandish claims!

Be Credible

Where you make claims about your product or service, make sure you back them up with evidence and facts. Never make unsubstantiated claims, or you will not come across as being credible and trustworthy. Web designers in Cheltenham such as will often include customer reviews and recommendations.

Answer Questions

It is vital to overcome anticipated objections by answering questions with persuasive messaging that shows the reader that the product can solve their problems and meet their needs.

Know Your Audience

Always write for your intended audience and use language, structure and terms that will be meaningful for them. Don’t resort to irritating jargon or banalities.

Consider Design and Layout

Copywriters will often work alongside designers and developers when creating a new website. This allows them to create the right headlines and tags that work with the structure, design, images and layout of the page.

These tips will help your website to read better and to enjoy improved visit times and conversion rates when combined with the right user journeys, designs and functionality.