Try these drinks ideas for your garden party

So you’ve decided to throw a garden party. You’ve chosen a date, agreed a theme (you have, haven’t you?) so now all you’ve got to think about is whether the temperamental British weather will be kind to you or not and what food and drink to serve. To make any garden party go with a swing, you need to make sure that your guests are fed and watered with delicious treats. Yes, you could stick to wine, beer, cider or Pimm’s but why not try out some something new?

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As the host, you are in control so think about who you’ve invited and what they’d like to drink. If it’s going to be a family affair, make sure you’ve got plenty of non-alcoholic punches and fresh water on tap for children and drivers. Best to steer clear of too many sugary, fizzy drinks as well. A favourite non-alcoholic punch is a tangy blend of pink grapefruit juice, elderflower cordial and sparkling water. Serve in a chilled bowl with plenty of ice on the side and you’ve got yourself a winning combination.

Themed drinks

Remember to carry on your theme when you consider which drinks to serve. If you’re going for a traditional afternoon tea, check out the advice of companies offering marquee hire in Kent, which is after all the garden of England, for example! Iced tea is a popular choice for afternoon tea themed garden parties (with or without the addition of your favourite tipple) and there are plenty of recipes online once you’ve been inspired by the plethora of choice in the herbal tea aisle in your local supermarket.

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For a tropical theme, offer a choice of fruity cocktails and mocktails as well as juices and cordials. Dress them up with paper umbrellas if you’re after a touch of kitsch! Don’t forget to mark which drinks are alcoholic/non-alcoholic with signs which won’t get lost.

Ask an expert

Effortless casual elegance actually takes plenty of time and hard work to achieve as this article explains, so keep things as simple as possible. Talk to experts such as 2intents who will be happy to share their experience of what can be achieved.

Make sure you have plenty of pitchers, glasses (disposable or otherwise), napkins and ladles on hand to serve your drinks and you’re ready to party!