What does an orthodontist do?

When it comes to our teeth most people will have visited a dentist at least once and if they are taking good care of their teeth they will be regularly seeing a dentist every six months to a year. But not everyone has to see an Orthodontist Cardiff way such as https://cathedraldentalclinic.com/orthodontics-cardiff/ as they work in specialist areas of teeth. In some cases an orthodontist will also work as a regular dentist but it would require additional training.

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An orthodontist is essentially an individual who specialises in the alignment of the teeth in the jaw. They help those people whose teeth are misaligned and this can vary from slight adjustments needed right through to those with more severe alignment issues.

In some instances an individual will be referred to an orthodontist due to pain and difficulty in chewing their food due to the alignment issues and in other cases the individual will be referred for cosmetic reasons only to have their teeth straighten to help with their confidence and to give them the smile that they dream of. Both are valid reasons for visiting an orthodontist.

Patients will see an orthodontist for an initial assessment to determine the extent to their misalignment that will involve x rays being taken and a physical examination of the teeth. After this a treatment plan will be put into place that may result in the use of attached braces or the use of the more modern invisalign braces. The type of braces that are used will depend very much on the type of misalignment that is present along with the age of the patient and their desired outcome.

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After the treatment type and plan has been established the patient will visit the orthodontist to have a mold of their teeth taken so that the brace fit effectively and then will return to have these fitted. Further appointments will be made to have the braces tightened or smaller molds to be made as the alignment of the teeth adjusts. This can take months depending on the extent of the work that needs to be undertaken. An orthodontist tends to work with individuals once all their childhood teeth have all fallen out and in some cases they work with adults who did not visit an orthodontist at a younger age and are now looking to have their teeth adjusted.