Complements “Frikis” And The Latest Fashion

Complements "Frikis" And The Latest Fashion


Frikis? It’s my first day at El Rincón de Moda and you cannot imagine the illusion that makes me! And more with compare like the ones I have that are a charm, thank you very much for all girls!

My name is Monica, I have been blogging for a long time and now I have the opportunity to move to this “other side”. I’ve always been attracted to the world of fashion, I like to be up to date, and I’m hooked to the world blogger, (I guess you know what I’m talking about …) and, although I had already made, here I have the opportunity to combine my 2 passions and I intend to make the most of it. I want to inform you of the latest trends , share with you my point of view and exchange opinions, offer new things, inspire you … I hope you like it!

Complements "Frikis" And The Latest FashionTo start I bring you some gadgets or, to understand us better, geek-technological articles. Maybe being married to a computer has influenced something in my tastes. They are cool, practical, original things … that I would love to have and that can help you if you are looking for a gift for Valentine’s Day.

First of all we have this duck-shaped speaker for the bathtub. It’s cute, practical! And it has even radio! It is also wireless and, obviously, water resistant. It’s from the Curiosite store.

Enlarge images.  Duckling Speaker for Bathtub

Next this case for tablet or ipad with the English flag. Maybe the motive is already well-worn, but it’s just that I think it’s super cute and I still do not have anything British. It’s from

Complements "Frikis" And The Latest FashionTablet case with the flag of the United Kingdom

I’ve been captivated by this Lego digital camera, it’s very original! It has a resolution of 3 megapixels and the photos are transferred to the computer through a USB port. It is in


It cannot seem better idea, more practical impossible … a keyboard that can get wet !! It has happened to all of us that on some occasion we have spilled liquid on the keyboard and it has become unusable, because that happened, we can wet it thoroughly. The submersible keyboard is from Logitech.

Complements "Frikis" And The Latest FashionKeyboard-Submersible

I am one of the people who always end up cooling coffee or tea because I take a lot to take them, so the next object, besides super cute, I found it very useful to keep my drinks at a good temperature. It is a cookie-warmer-cups and is connected by USB to the computer. It’s from


Finally, I found this pillow with built-in speaker. I like to sleep listening to music or the radio but with helmets is impossible. They bother me a lot! So this pillow could be the solution. It is very comfortable and since the loudspeaker is located in the center, it is supposedly only heard by the one who leans on it without bothering anyone else.

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