Interior Of A Guest House Or Mini-Hotel

Interior Of A Guest House Or Mini-Hotel

Planning the situation of a guest house or a mini-hotel, one should take into account the purpose of this type of real estate. On the one hand, absolutely outsiders gather here, as a rule, several families. Therefore, they need to ensure privacy. On the other hand, this format of accommodation involves making acquaintances and interacting with guests during the rest. This will require a common area, where everyone can gather for a joint pastime.

Features of the layout

As we have already found out, turning a guest house into a kind of dormitory from bedrooms is not worth it. If it is small, at least one room should be allocated to the public zone. The presence of the second floor speaks for itself: the bedrooms are the very place at the top. In a single-story mini-hotel, a private and common area can be arranged in different parts of the building.Interior Of A Guest House Or Mini-Hotel

What is usually attributed to public premises:

  • hallway, connected to the staircase hall (in the presence of the latter);
  • dining room;
  • Improvised living room.

Dining rooms in guest houses are most often used as a place for breakfast. Dining and dining in the cafes, restaurants and other places of entertainment.

What will be the kitchen – depends on the format of the mini-hotel. In larger ones, it is usually hidden from the eyes of the guests. They employ hired cooks, which provide a high level of service. In small guest houses, it is customary to equip the kitchens, where the tenants will be able to cook for themselves.

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Interior of public premises

When people come to a mini-hotel or guest house, they wait for a certain atmosphere. They want to see a cozy and lived-in place, where they are not customers, but long-awaited guests, who were carefully prepared for their arrival. Therefore, the equipment should be given maximum attention. Self-designed apartment design is not so simple. You can use the proven method, which is used by installers of furniture stands. At the same time, the necessary entourage creates details.Interior Of A Guest House Or Mini-Hotel

It is believed that in addition to the standard set of furniture (sofa, table, bookcases), it is necessary to use trifles. Curtains, carpets, more lamps, small side tables and lockers – all this will make the room home-like cozy. We should not forget about such important details as photographs and paintings.

In the dining room, it is better to put several tables by the number of rooms. Although the spirit of the guest house has to communicate, one should not deprive people of the possibility of relative retirement. When decorating, special attention is paid to tablecloths and dishes.

A lot of dishes will not be needed. It is enough to focus on the number of guests and make a small stock just in case. It makes no sense to buy hundreds of glasses and glasses for each type of drink.

You do not need to buy a full set of kitchen appliances. You can confine yourself to a refrigerator and a stove for two hot plates. As a rule, mini-hotels do not accept large receptions, which presuppose the preparation of serious dishes.

It is advisable to take care that the tenants can at any time drink tea. To do this, you can place a chest of drawers in the public area, put an electric kettle on it, brew, a set of cups and a vase of fruit or sweets.

What should be in the bedrooms?

Carefully thought out the interior of the bedroom – this not only pleases the guests but also brings practical benefits. Photos of the environment can be viewed on a variety of tourist resources, the staff will be a good advertisement. Therefore, the owner’s task is to create beautiful perspectives.Interior Of A Guest House Or Mini-Hotel

In the first place, you should think over the lighting. A lot of light and huge lamps are not the best solutions. Where is preferred fabric shades, changing the configuration of the lamp (for example, with a movable base)? The accent is recommended for decorative spot lighting. It shows where the guest is resting, where he can drink tea, and where – to work.

The bed should not only be comfortable but also effective – as the central object of the bedroom. You can buy an antique version with wooden posts. A large number of pads will play a positive role in creating an atmosphere of coziness and hospitality. Decorate the room and all sorts of decorative elements, like graphics lamps, reproductions of paintings, symmetrical compositions.

It is not superfluous to allocate a small office area, because people and on vacation sometimes cannot leave work without proper control.

Kitchen with every room in the guest houses does not want. But the mini-refrigerator does not exactly prevent: someone will bring specific products with you, and someone will buy on vacation rations that will then take home. All this must be stored somewhere, so as not to spoil.

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Thus, creating an interior of a mini-hotel is a very interesting activity. And if you take into account all the distinctive features, you can achieve an impressive effect and ensure a constant stream of guests.