Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure

Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure

How to choose a dress according to the figure

Finding the right dress style is a very important matter, you must agree. The right one, in this case, means the type of your constitution that suits you, your figure, your appearance. After all, by making a mistake in this matter, you risk, first, throwing money away, and, secondly, you risk being ridiculous and unattractive. And, although the fashion industry is trying to take into account the interests of women with any figure, you should not choose a dress just because it pleased and fit in size.

Since a stylish woman’s dress is, in the first place, the dress that suits you exactly. Never a really stylish woman will not wear a dress just because it’s fashionable and expensive. The most beautiful branded dress on the floor and the best quality clothes will look ridiculous if it does not suit you. More precisely, you will look like a ridiculous victim of fashion. But this is not what we are trying to achieve when we buy a dress? So what to do in order not to be mistaken in this matter, because any women’s basic wardrobe begins with the dress?Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure

Types of shapes and clothes

Regardless of what income you have and whether you can afford premium-class clothing, you first need to understand what your type of figure is. Realizing this, you will not need to spend too much money on dresses – a properly selected dress will always look spectacular and advantageous, regardless of its value. Stylists have long identified five main types of female figure. Depending on this type, the entire wardrobe is selected. Because what suits one type, most likely does not fit the other.

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So, what are the types of the figure:

  • Type of figure “apple”. These are women who have a “massive upper hand”. They usually have large breasts, short neck, rather a narrow pelvis and narrow thighs (but not as much as the figure of the “triangle” – about it just below). If they get better, then they begin to bulge their tummy, and the hips and pelvis remain rather lean. However, even a fairly slender “apples” is difficult to keep your stomach flat. And this is very important when choosing a dress by the type of figure. This type of constitution, perhaps, is most difficult to choose an elegant women’s dress. And all because of the bulging tummy. It’s difficult to look elegant when you have a rounded belly.
  • Type of figure “pear”. These are the women whom nature generously endowed with all that is below the waist. They have massive, in comparison with the rest of the body, hips, a large pelvis and a predisposition to the fat deposits on the stomach. However, if the “pear” is deposited fat in the abdomen, it becomes not round like an apple, a fold below the navel is formed. In this case, the “pear”, as a rule, has a long neck, narrow shoulders, a thin waist and a small chest. Naturally, not to take into account these features of the constitution when choosing a dress by the type of figure is impossible. Otherwise, you can make yourself a “scarecrow”.
  • The type of the figure is an “hourglass”. This type of figure is very attractive in itself. He is rightly considered the most feminine. After all, nature endowed its owners with a balanced upper and lower body parts. At the same time, they have a thin waist. “Sand watches” can have a full chest and full hands, but then the hips and pelvis will be appropriate. The main advantage of this type of figure in its proportional harmony. If the “hourglass” is full, then the fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. In this case, they will be able to look for themselves spectacular dresses for the full – in them they will look fine.
  • Type of figure “inverted triangle”. This type of figure differs quite “boyish proportions.” They usually have broad shoulders, a small chest, narrow hips and a flat priest. That is, they correspond to the name “inverted triangle” – they seem to have shifted the whole accent on the upper part of the body. But they differ from the “apple” with their not rounded forms, flat stomach, and small breasts. That’s really who should sweat on the choice of styles of dresses by the type of figure. One wrong decision – and you look like a boy who put on his mother’s dress.Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure
  • The type of the shape is a “rectangle”. This type of figure is very fond of fashion designers. In fact, for the vast majority of models and supermodels, the figure is exactly the type of “rectangle”. Because this type of figure is characterized by a uniform distribution of weight throughout the body and it is easier for them to choose spectacular casual dresses or stylish classic dresses, in general, they do not have such restrictions in style selection as in other types of constitution. Such beauties, as a rule, are quite athletic; they do not have a pronounced waist. They do not have full hips. The pop is also quite flat, but it corresponds to the size of the upper body – the shoulder girdle, stomach. Breasts of this type of constitution, too, are usually small.

Do not worry if you have analyzed yourself and you do not have the ideal constitution in your mind. It does not matter at all. For this, there is a properly selected clothing – to hide your shortcomings and emphasize virtues. Or, maybe even draw dignity from your shortcomings.

Which dress suits you?

So, we decided on your type of figure. Actually, this should be based on the choice of dresses for your wardrobe. And it does not depend on whether you prefer or prefer the classical style to the modern one, buy clothes at an elite clothing store or choose stylish women’s clothes in an online store.

Virtually every new collection of any designer includes dresses that suit different types and shapes.

So, in order. Which dresses fit each type of constitution:

“Apple” is most suitable:

  • V-neckline, neckline (the apple has a beautiful large chest), you can also try a cutout with a boat. It is necessary to avoid dresses with a collar-stand, with a blind collar;
  • Silhouettes are better to take pritalennye, tight-fitting, but not too tight. These silhouettes will “remove” excess kilograms from the abdomen, in contrast to free A-shaped silhouettes. For the evening, you can wear both a tight-fitting branded classic dress and a dress with an overstated waist made of flowing material;
  • The length can be any, provided that your legs are proportional to the trunk. If the legs are short, then the length of the dress is better to let it be just below the knee and the image will complement the shoes with high heels;
  • “Apples” should avoid fabrics with a large print, wide bright belts.Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure

“Grushka” is most suitable:

  • a cutout of any shape other than the V-shape (it will even lengthen the long neck without it);
  • The silhouette is better to choose the fitted with the flared bottom. Women’s dress-case will look on the “pear” is not very harmonious;
  • length is preferable to the knee (if you do not have excess weight) or just below the knee, to the middle of the knee), maxi should be avoided because of the “heaviness” of the lower part of the trunk;
  • “Pears” is perfectly suitable for all kinds of additions, such as a lot of jewelry, any shape, and size of the belt. It is necessary to avoid too bright colored fabrics in the lower part of the dresses. Focus on the upper part – arms, Rusiecki, bows, collars, a rack, collars such as a “turtleneck”, in general, to your taste.

The Sand Hour is most suitable:

  • The cutout is suitable for anyone if nature has awarded you a long neck. If not, then it is better to prefer the V-neck.
  • Silhouette: this is the ideal figure for a dress-case. However, this type of figure suits and dresses with an overstated waist and fitted silhouettes. Not very stylish on them will only look, perhaps, loose overalls of the A-silhouette in the style of the Boho – they will give fullness to the whole figure;
  • Dress length can be any;
  • As for jewelry and supplements – everything will depend only on your preferences and neck length;
  • “Sand watches” very much emphasize any belts, straps, belts. But do not overdo it – your waist is already stressed by nature.Choose A Dress By The Type Of Your Figure

“Inverted triangles” will go:

  • All that hides their “inverted”. The neckline can be any (depends on the shape of the chest, neck height, and your personal preferences);
  • Silhouette: it’s better to wear dresses that “fill” your lower part. That is, silhouettes A-shaped, silhouettes with a high waist, fitted, flared fitting silhouettes should be chosen very carefully (to make the fabric light and airy, or, conversely, flow like a snake’s skin);
  • Perhaps, only triangles can be advised to wear a mini. So, shifting the focus of attention down. Well, of course, no one forbids wearing them and long dresses. But with medium-length dresses, one should be careful: this length can aggravate the “massiveness” of the upper part;
  • “Triangles” will go to flounces, frills, in general, all kinds of accessories at the bottom of the dress. From large belts and costume jewelry, perhaps, it is worth giving up, in favor of elegant narrow straps and small chains with pendants;

“Rectangles” will go:

  • Any neckline and any shape of the collar;
  • Silhouette: it is worth, perhaps, to abandon the dress-case – it will emphasize all your shortcomings (the absence of a narrow waist, flat pop). All the rest is possible and necessary.
  • Length: any. Provided that you have long legs.
  • Accessories and additions for “triangles” are only welcome. Belts, belts and straps, jewelry, anything that will make you more feminine.

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So, as folk wisdom says: there are no ugly women – there are only lazy ones. Do not be lazy, work on choosing the dress that suits you and only you, and you will be irresistible.