Fashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

Fashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

Summer is a great time to change the image. This is evidenced by the results of surveys, marketing studies of beauty salons and personal experience of many of us. A new hairstyle and hair color can transform a woman. If the experiment with the change of image was successful, you gain self-confidence and, like a butterfly, flutter over life worries and troubles.

Stylists have already decided on the fashionable haircuts of 2018. We are waiting for a wide range of options. It is important only to choose a solution that suits your type of appearance, a way of life and worldview.

Elongated squareFashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

№1 in the list of the most fashionable haircuts of the year. Universal, feminine and bright – a wide range of styling opens an unlimited space for finding new images. This haircut can be called classical. It goes all, is held at the peak of popularity for decades. Only trends in the form and length of the bang change, new varieties of styling appear. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

In 2018 it is recommended to give preference to long strands near the face and a slightly shortened line in the back of the neck. If you go bangs, choose beveled forms. Accurate neat laying on straight hair and pointedly torn negligence. On the soft, wavy ringlets will have to forget for a while.

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The impudent pixyFashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

A short haircut brings a boyish image of boyish fervor and touching defenselessness. You will look younger and will draw attention to the face. This hairstyle is the best choice for those who are ready for bold experiments and rapid changes. Simple laying will allow today to create a romantic bow, and tomorrow a freedom-loving rocker image.

To whom is the pixy? Girls with large or non-standard features, small, elongated or oval face. Haircut visually increases the eyes, emphasize the expressiveness of the lips. It “lays down” on the hair of any texture, except for small curls. If you have a round face and short neck, it is better to give preference to another hairstyle.

Short beanFashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

The combination of courage and femininity, compatibility with different types of staining, practicality – the popularity of haircuts is quite understandable. In 2018, a short bean with a long beveled or classic bang is actual, asymmetric variations are still in the trend. You can create business images by simply drying your hair with a hairdryer. Do you want to look progressive? Careless lying is done easily and quickly.

Who goes to a short bean? This is a universal haircut, it is suitable for all types of hair. If you have a round face or irregular features, give preference to the oblique bangs and the length a few centimeters below the chin. This option will help to hide the high forehead. The angular face softens the asymmetric variant.

Fashionable hairstyle for long hair

Change of image is possible without cardinal decisions. Not ready to part with the long curls? You can just refresh and refresh the luxurious head of hearing. A multi-layer or graduated haircut will allow you to look stylish and modern. This is an excellent solution for owners of thin and rare hair. Multilayer hairstyles very much go to women for 40.Fashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

It is important to entrust the changes to an experienced and creative master. In the trend, the maximum naturalness. This effect is achieved by choosing the right angle for cutting the hair and the ratio of the length of the steps. Graduation is not recommended to owners of small curls – styling will take too much time and effort.

Pay attention to the must have 2018 – multi-layered haircuts with torn strands.

A hairstyle is universal and will emphasize the attractiveness of women with any type of face, visually increase the volume of hair. Ragged strands are recommended to owners of hard, straight and thick hair. If you have curly curls, the haircut will look sloppy even after styling.

Again in fashion French fringesFashionable haircuts for women of summer 2018

Careless, ultra-short or elegant, slightly slanted aside – it brings to the female image romanticism and mystery. An important difference between the French bangs – the beginning of the middle of the crown. Due to this, density and volume are achieved.

The French bang goes to the owners of strong, healthy and straight hair.

  • If your curls curl, choose asymmetric variations.
  • Girls with delicate aristocratic features are recommended the smoothest and smooth bangs without thinning.
  • Do you have a round face oval? Give preference to the chamfered version, in which the hair is distributed from the crown in a circle.


In 2018 stylists offered fashionable haircuts for women with any type of appearance.

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An important nuance is a universality. You can choose a hairstyle, which is in harmony with business, romantic, youth, sporting and avant-garde way.

  • Actual haircuts are compatible with all color solutions.
  • We should applaud the experts – the choice is as good as never before.
  • Effective and unique solutions can be found by every woman.