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How To Build A Good Website

How To Build A Good Website

Build A Good Website? Twenty years ago, the internet was still dialed and we did not even think about using cell phones. When smartphones called themselves to connect to the network. However, even at that time, many companies were already eyeing the importance of a good website to talk to their customers and make new business.

Today, with the connected world we live in, having a well-designed page that works anywhere is more than important: it’s a matter of survival for anyone who needs the web to stand up.

But what can not miss on a good website? What determines the quality of that web address? This is what we will know in this post. Check out!

How To Build A Good WebsiteGood site: Focus on user experience

Author of one of the most important books on design and user experience, the American Steve Krug leaves in the title of his most important work the tip for any website: “Do not make me think “. But what does he mean by that?

That, first of all, a page cannot leave your visitor confused while browsing there. And in the case of business websites, this confusion can often mean a drop in new business generation – if a customer does not quite understand what their service is or does not find a buy or contact button, this can be a big problem.

Not to mention the page load time, that if you take too long it can also amaze anyone interested in your brand. But this is just one of the important aspects of building a good website.

How To Build A Good WebsiteGood site: Mobile Friendly

When we talk about the importance of a good website today, we also talk about its ability to open properly on any type of screen (from cell phones to 42-inch televisions), something that now even serves as a differential within Google.

That’s because, since April 21, 2015, the largest web content search engine evaluates which sites work well on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices, and gives them more prominence within their results page, leaving a little on the side those who cannot work so well in different formats. Hence the importance of having a good professional for building your website.

How To Build A Good WebsiteThe need for good content

Anyone who looks at a website often forgets that in addition to design and programming, content is also there, behind colors, photos and interactions even though content is the main reason for the existence of a page. So thinking about the type of content that is presented is also part of the importance of a good website.

Be straightforward, use simple, engaging, easy-to-understand language, and always think of what you, as a site visitor, would like to read and find around. Another very important point is to take care of the grammatical rules, so a qualified professional to produce its contents is fundamental.

Text, image and sound: the true multimedia kit

We opened this post talking about that internet 20 years ago, when the connection was dialed and there were still no iPhones and 3G networks. For many people still think that today’s web is the way it was then and forget that we can now produce more than texts for a good website.

We can create videos, podcasts, high resolution images and animations that better explain your company’s business and talk about a specific product or service.

As you’ve seen here, when we talk about the importance of a good website, we talk about having a page with easy navigation, which opens correctly on any type of screen, with good content and stuffed with several types of interaction. Something that may not have existed before, but that today is essential for any company with a web address that wants to achieve success.

And you did you like our post? So enjoy telling us if your site already has all this and also leave some question here in our comments box!